Cross-Platform Apps that Make Life Easier

cross platform.jpgWhile some people have their apps and content easily synced by using devices from the same company, I have a desktop PC that I use daily to work on, but Apple devices for when I’m on the go. That means that the apps I use on the road need to sync in some fashion so that I can access the work I did on my PC. Here are the ones I use daily that work well for me. More

The Instagram Workflow: Taking it to the Next Level

061512_rg_TakingInstagramNext_01.jpgIt’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that people on various different smartphone platforms are snapping away using Instagram to create beautiful shots of everyday views. That being said, there are quite a few impressive photos that are on Instagram that require a bit more work than just taking a photo with the app. Here’s how you can do the same with only your smartphone.


Optimize Your Workflow: Using Flipboard As a Feed Reader

flipboard.jpgWhether you’re a pro social networker or just someone who needs to be kept abreast of a large amount of news, the new software aggregators transform your feeds into an almost magazine-like spread. I’ve mentioned before how I rarely use my iOS devices to do work, but Flipboard allows me to optimize my daily workflow significantly. Here’s how I do it.


Changing Your Workflow to Improve Your Health

081711_rg_SittingKiller_01.jpgYou’ve probably read a post or an article about reasons why sitting all day may be harming your health. That being said, standing desks aren’t for everyone, and thankfully there are alternatives to working standing up for hours at a time, working techniques that aren’t just about “what” you work on, but “how” you work throughout the day.

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Alternative Workstations: Changings Things Around Works

Suffering from the blues while working from home? As more and more people work longer and longer hours from home, which includes students, they have to seek out alternative workstations because sitting for hours at your desk will slowly drive you to boredom.

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The Optimized Email Workflow For Inbox Zero

When you’re using Inbox Zero or trying to get there using Gmail’s Priority Inbox, you’ll need to tweak the way that you check your inbox in order for it to work well. All in all, you’re just ensuring that you don’t obsess about your email too much.

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Read It Later

Just installed this snazzy FF extension Readitlater, which will help me archive some tabs when I shut down my browser for the night. It happens all of the time that I simply loose articles that I was planning on reading this way.