Fitbug Orb Activity Tracker: The Affordable Workout Tracker (with a Catch)

There are plenty of activity trackers around to get the job done to track physical activity, and most of them aren’t cheap. For the more budget-conscious, there’s the newly released Fitbug Orb, which looks like it could be a good option.

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Raw Food And Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina makes a compelling argument about going 100% raw. That is, going 100% on a raw food diet. I’m not 100%. I’m about 85% raw. What do I eat cooked? Meat mostly, eggs. I guess that I could try it for a week or two. I do eat raw red tuna. If I could find a stable supply, that could take care of my meat requirements.

4 KM

Today was my first experience of running in the day in Taiwan. It was about 35-36C, hotter in direct sunlight.

After having written a few posts and walked the dog, I felt like running. It didn’t matter that it was in the middle of the day.

Yesterday, I had some Coke and some Pringles. At least I didn’t have any chocolate. I paid for that the next day with the runs. After the morning, it got out of my system. Being on raw food and processed food don’t really mix, but I had that itch that wouldn’t subside. I’ve had a few crisps this year, but less than a small bag in total. I’ve had a bit of soda in the form of some apple soda or Orangina, but just 5 times this year. It doesn’t matter if you indulge a wee bit from time to time. What matters is that it doesn’t become a habit.

Otherwise, a mango/milk blend smoothie in the morning, with two eggs and some ham. I’ve been feeling queasy all day and I haven’t felt that good.

The run was hard. It felt like I had lost some of the work that I had put into my training. I’m looking into getting a bike to do some cross-training.

I managed to run 2.6 km in 17 minutes, and 4 km in 25. I would have been faster, but I was thirsty and didn’thave any hydration, plus I felt queasy. Something wasn’t right in my stomach. I was aiming for 5.2km, but I’m happy with what I accomplished as I hope to run once again later tonight.

Actually, I’m going to try and run twice a day for the next few days. Less mileage, but in more than one run a day.

Towards the end of the run, the underside of my foot started to be a bit sore, but I stopped before it became worse. I’m icing it down. I’m actually pretty tired. It’s about 5PM and I think i might have a quick nap before writing some more posts.

6 KM

I managed to run 6 km tonight. I was aiming for 10 km, but the sole of my left foot started hurting again. I think I have been experiencing running withdrawal. I had to take a week off running for the heel to heal.

I’m kind of pissed at this. I overdid it the two weeks ago. I should have been more careful. I’m aggressively icing it down so that hopefully I can run tomorrow again. Maybe I’ll run a shorter distance. The stupid thing is that I wasn’t tired at all after I finished. I wasn’t even winded.

I’ll need to cross-train while I let the sole heal. Well it’s not really the sold. It’s actually the bottom of the foot bone/articulation. It’s such an odd place.

Anyway, the last few days haven’t been good. I’ve come to need a run. I can’t really handle my day without it.

I’ve noticed that cravings start when I don’t exercise. For example, today I was craving chocolate and crisps for a short while. I managed to not give in.

The run was fine. It wasn’t really a challenge. I ran 6 km in 40 minutes. I think that I can easily accelerate the pace now. I had brought a frozen water bottle and I had stashed it near a bench. Towards my sixth lap, I wanted to drink. However, I noticed that someone had nicked it. I was pissed. I started swearing loudly while I continued running. During the next lap, I spotted a bag/recycle lady who was pounding a bottle on the pavement. It was my Evian bottle. I told her that it was my bottle. She said that she found it. I said that it was mine, I had put it there. I didn’t even put an effort into speaking Mandarin. I was so pissed. I took my bottle and continued on my run, swearing along the way.

The bottle was full of frozen water, that was slowly thawing. What was she thinking?


Well, today I had two eggs with sliced ham. I also had mango/milk blend. I had some soup later on with some more diced ham. I’ll probably have to eat something now, since I’m feeling a bit hungry.

I had my weigh-in today and it was 74kg (163lbs). I’ve lost another kilo. I thought that I would have gained some weight over the week since I wasn’t working out. It didn’t matter. I lost some weight.

Actually, the lack of running made me really upset. I’ve come to need the run. It’s therapeutic.

Running withdrawal. I’ve been tired all week. I wake up tired and go to bed tired. I was apathetic as well. A run cured all that.

Sore Sole And Heel

I’ve had to take a couple of days off running because of a sore left foot sole and a sore left heel. I’m not happy about it, but I injured it during my 15 km run last week. I shouldn’t have gone running the next day for 4 km. Then I went again on Monday for 8 km. It sucks, because I know that I’d be running 10 km a day right now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a few little runs this weekend and start afresh next Monday. I’m still icing it down at every opportunity and taking it very slowly. I think it was on the mend, but the longer run on Monday just made the situation a bit worse.

I drink about 1L of fresh squeezed OJ a day, which I squeeze myself. It costs about 1$ each glass, which is pretty cheap when you consider that 6 oranges make about 500cc.

I’ve tried raw snowpeas and I really like them. They are nice and crunchy and different from my usual greens. I’m having real trouble tolerating cooked food. I’ve actually stopped cooking food most of the time. This week, I’ve cooked some salmon and that’s it. I eat eggs every day. Other than that, no cookied foods.

I need to get more dried fruits and nuts. I forget each time to look for them at the grocery store.

8 KM

Last night I went for a run. I had taken a break for a few days as the soles of my feet were sore. I was going for 10km, but decided to stop earlier after I noticed that my left foot sole was starting to hurt.

Food consisted of 500cc of hand squeezed Sunkist OJ, two eggs and ham in the morning. I had a mango smoothie, an apple-pear, some fresh snow peas, some more ham and cheese during the rest of the day. I ended the night with another 500cc of hand squeezed OJ. It takes 6 oranges to make 500cc of OJ. That means that I had 12 oranges yesterday, plus more veggies and fruits.

The run.

Well, I think I started too fast. I ended up running 4km in 27 minutes, which wasn’t bad. Then I slowed down. I finished running 8km in 61 minutes. Taking away walking breaks, I could have easily done it in about 50-55 minutes. That will be my target, or running 10km in 60 minutes. Midway through the run, I could feel that the sole of my left foot was starting to hurt, which was why I cut my run short at 8km. I didn’t want to risk injury.

Tonight, I’d like to go back and run a faster 8km. I won’t be pushing for 10km. Maybe something like 55 minutes would be cool.

Home Squeezed Sunkist Orange Juice

It took a while, but I managed to hand squeeze a few of my Sunkist oranges to make some OJ this afternoon. It tasted great. It was a bit messy since I don’t have a juicer, but the end result was good.

I noticed that they didn’t taste very fresh, but all the same, they are still good. I’ll have no problem finishing them off in a few days and going back for more. In juice format, they taste incredible. I feel that they are wasted like that though, since it takes quite a few oranges to make 500cc of OJ.

Today I’m going for a long run. Between 8-10km. It all depends on how my feet feel really but I’m looking forward to it.

Soul Of My Feet

On Wednesday, during my long run, I must have injured the sole of my left foot. When I went out running again on Thursday, I started feeling it towards the end of the run. When I say injured, I mean sore. The sole of my foot was extremely sore on Friday.

I’ve been massaging it, icing it down, using contrast showers and it’s feeling a lot better. I’ll probably be able to go on a run tomorrow. I could have gone tonight, but I’d risk making it worse, so I’d rather take it easy.

I was hobbling yesterday. Today wasn’t as bad. I’ve resorted to wearing heavy socks to add some more padding underneath my feet. I’m debating whether I should run with my heavy expedition socks. Maybe I’ll just put one sock on.

Contrast showers work great. I’ll have to get a new powerful shower head though. I’ve felt a massive difference using the contrast showers after my runs. The results are so good that I actually do this each time I take a shower. Contrast showers involve putting the shower jet as hot as possible and massaging your body with it. Then you alternate to cold water. You do this a few times. The importance is to use ice cold water and to always end with cold water. If you frequent a gym, in the nice fancy ones they have an ice bath right next to the jacuzzi. We had one of those in our apartment in Hsinchu. The new gym that I will be joining next year when I come back to Taiwan has that as well.

This means that I can go out for a longer run on Sunday. I’ll go for at least 8-10 km. This time, I’ll also push for a lower time.

Sunkist Oranges


Well, I bought 41 Sunkist oranges at the supermarket today when I learned that they were 6NT$ each (~20 cents). That’s dirt cheap! I might return for some more tomorrow. They usually sell for 25NT$ (~1$) each. (I got them at the Carrefour)

If you’ve read this blog, you know that I just love oranges. One of the things that I didn’t like in Taiwan was that Sunkist oranges are so hard to get here. Well, it’s no longer an issue. I can eat about 10 a day, if not more.

Being on a raw food diet isn’t too bad. I’m not 100% on raw food. I still eat some cooked food, but like Steve Pavlina reporter, your desire to eat cooked food diminishes rapidly. I do eat some ham.

The thing about these low-carb, no-carb, gluten free, raw food diets or lifestyles is that they might take some getting used to. I’ve moved into a raw food diet over a period of months. The transition was easy. I do notice that I do need to eat every few hours, otherwise my energy gets drained. I noticed it yesterday while I was teaching. I had just had 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie and 500cc of fresh squeezed OJ. It wasn’t enough. I ate a thin crust pizza at La Pizza.

That’s the thing with diets. Being 100% on them isn’t the best idea. Steve Pavlina did notice some side-effects. I do eat some carbs, but in extremely low quanties. I do not eat any bread, pasta, noodles, cereals, rice, etc.The only dairy I eat is through milk in my tea and the couple of milk/papaya smoothies I drink.

Like some other runners, I might try to incorporate some almond butter or almond paste, as well as nuts and preserves into my daily diet. My wife also suggested some protein drinks.

Tonight, I had some red tuna, served sashimi style. Followed by 3 oranges since I know that I’ll try to run tonight. Excellent!

4 KM

I fantasized about running 8 km before I started out, but that all felt to bits when I realized that the back of my right knee was extremely sore from yesterday’s run. Strangely enough, my feet were also sore, especially the left one.

I managed to run 4 km at a slower pace than usual. It took me 32 minutes to complete this. I can usually do this in 25-27 minutes.

I was disappointed that I didn’t run in a full downpour. I barely got sprinkled during my run. Too bad, maybe next time.

Today’s food included 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie in the morning. I had a 10″ smoked chicken and veggie pizza at La Pizza, with a bowl of hot steaming soup while the Typhoon battered down some stormy weather. My lunch was 200NT (~6.5$).

After I came home and had a grapefruit and an apple-pear, I kind of steam cooked some veggies. I wanted to include some meat, so I defrosted a few pork cutlets. I chopped them up, included lots of spices, garlic, coriander, cumin, curry powder, chili and a tad of Thai red curry mix.

I love spicy food, but I can see now that I will have trouble with it if I stick to raw food as much as I do. I can eat some cooked food, but the spices, which I usually relish, didn’t feel too good in my stomach afterwards. I went to the bathroom several times before leaving on the run.

I topped the night with a papaya-milk (half a papaya blended in with some milk). I might have a few more fruit before heading to bed.

Even though I weigh 165lbs now, there is still some more weight to shed. Or fat. If fat is turned into a weight gain of muscles, I won’t be displeased. Actually, that’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve lost almost a fourth of my weight since January (~46lbs, 21kg).

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