The Most Efficient Way to Light Up Your Workspace

032911_rg_LEDTableLamps_01.jpgCFL lighting is quite common now, but soon enough we predict LED lighting will overtake compact fluorescents, thanks to their superb energy efficiency and arguably their overall better form factor. On average, LED lighting should consume less energy than other sorts of lighting technology readily available. Their small size also allows for some pretty interesting designs, specifically for LED task lamps for the home offifce.

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Justin’s Desk Features Clever Lighting Built Into Shelves

There’s nothing more boring than a plain, old home office, especially one that’s facing a wall. Most of us think that there’s not much you can do with that. Well, Justin didn’t think so. He took it upon himself to decorate his workspace in a most interesting way and we think that he did so splendidly.

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Look! Glowing Purple Moods and Ghost Keyboards

040209_rg_purplemoods_01.jpgPutting together a home office on a budget isn’t always easy. It’s easy to think that you’ll never be able to stay on budget and get everything you need. One thing that everyone needs, is a great desk. You can’t go around that. It’s the main focus of any home office and needs to be well chosen. A great way of using technology and saving money, is to work on some great moods by using LEDs in strategic places. That’s what Michael Bilotta did in his new home office.

Flickr Finds: M2J2’s Incredible Workspace


When m2j2 decided to redesign is workspace, he went full out. He rearranged his setup to make it more work friendly. Other than looking awesome, his new setup looks more professional and user-friendly. He uses a biomorph desk with a Mac Pro on the side, and a Powermac G5 on the left. The monitors include a 30″ Apple Cinema Display in the center and two 23″ Apple displays on the side. He’s got a 5.1 Speaker system with Titanium casing, a Snowball microphone, iSight, and a Panasonic wireless LED light clock under the 30″ ACD.

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