GoPad Tablet Cradle Lets You Wear Your iPad Around Your Neck

Wearing your tablet around your neck might seem a bit silly, but I can see it being useful in a few different situations. Perhaps if you work in the field, a warehouse or in a hospital, it would be handy to have your tablet right there in front of you. But I have to say that while it’s useful, the GoPad tablet cradle looks really geeky. Not that carrying around an iPad wherever you go isn’t already.

gopad tablet necklace

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iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Samsung Sliding PC vs. Notion Ink Adam Infographic

The iPad 2 was just announced this week and it’s interesting to see it compared to the other tablets that are currently on the market. GeeksAreSexy compares the iPad 2 to the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Sliding PC 7, and the Notion Ink Adam.

ipad 2 apple comparo motorola xoom notion ink adam samsung sliding pc

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iFixIt Tears Apart the Motorola Xoom: Is it 4G LTE Upgradeable?

As usual, iFixIt did their best to tear down the latest new gadget – the Motorola Xoom – the minute it was released. It’s taken a while before the iPad received any significant competition from other manufacturers. Will the Xoom be able to compete? While the teardown doesn’t answer that question, it did reveal one important differentiator – the Xoom may be upgradeable.

ifixit teardown tear gadget motorola tablet xoom

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