Gran Turismo Trimaran Takes to the Open Water, Not the Race Track

This concept trimaran will most probably able to smoke every boat in your local bay, assuming it ever gets made. It should be able to go fast since its designed to minimize the amount of boat surface touching the water as it picks up speed.

gran turismo trimaran clemens auer

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Steve Jobs Venus Yacht: Not Yet Available at the Apple Store

I have never been one for boats or yachts, but even I could be persuaded to give yacht-life a try in this magnificent vessel that was co-designed by the Apple-master himself, Steve Jobs. This was the boat that Steve Jobs was working on until his untimely death in 2011.

steve jobs yacht venus close

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The Expandable Wider Yacht: Transformer of the Sea

Ever wanted a yacht? How about one that works like a Transformer? This new yacht expands so that you can enjoy it even more. Once fully-deployed, this yacht ends up with a walkable surface of 193.5 square feet with a width of 21.6 feet, which was apparently unthinkable a couple of years ago for a 42 foot yacht.

wider expandable yacht boat transformable

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Chinese-Built Superyacht Can Be Controlled Via iPad

I guess that in the future, everyone will control everything using their tablets. With that in mind, some enterprising manufacturers in China decided to make their latest superyacht controllable via an iPad. I bet this beats your Parrot AR.Drone any day.

adastra super yacht ipad remote control

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