Yale Murder Victim Dredges Up Another One From The Past

Last week, the body of Anne Le, a 24-year old graduate student, was found hidden inside laboratory walls on the day that she was supposed to marry. This is a grisly reminder of what happened at Yale almost 10 years ago.

Aliza Shvarts Redux

Turns out that it was all a fake. (This is what I’m talking about)

Aliza Shvarts

Aliza Shvarts is an art student. She supposedly got artificially inseminated as many times as possible over a 9 month period, and took abortifacient drugs to miscarry as many times as possible. The documented this and is launching her exhibit.

This is some kind of performance art thing. I’m not sure it actually happened. But other media have picked up the news.

Warren Ellis on the Eliza Shvarts thing. Some more from Ellis. Some of Shvarts’ art.