The Persians

On my way home from school on Thursday, after having filled up Die Rote Zora with 98 octane, I saw a girl holding her Persian cat. It was partly orange and had big green eyes. It barely moved in her arms. I was at a red light. The cat got too heavy for the girl, who was about 10, and she gave it to her mommy. They crossed the street and I’ll probably never see them again.

I always like going to the vet’s because his place is always swarming with animals. He’s got a few nice cats, including a grey Persian, who loves to get a pet. They are usually all over the place and it’s quite entertaining to watch. It’s almost like cat reality TV.

My cat is like that from time to time, but she’s definitely got some annoying qualities. She gets very vocal, but at least with me home, she doesn’t wake me up during the night. She just loves getting attention, but she’s got a strange way of going about this.

Life-Sized Jedi Master Yoda Forces His Way into Your Home

Do you think you’d learn more about how to harness the powers of the Force by having this life-sized Yoda statue in your living room? The statue stands 30 inches tall and weighs about 22 pounds, so I can only assume that Yoda really only weighs 22 pounds when they say “life-sized”.

star wars yoda jedi master life-sized rubie statue

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Yoda At 17 Months

Yoda sitting on my lap

Yoda cat has calmed down quite a bit since this summer. She’s a happy domesticated kitty-cat and enjoys spending a lot of time with her “brother” Spike. She likes knowing where he is at all times and doesn’t like to be separated from him, which is strange, since Spike is a 5-year old French bulldog.

We’ve had her for 17 months. I rescued her in July ’08 as a kitten. She was between 7-10 days old at that time. I had to bottle feed her milk four times a day for a while until she was ready to eat solid food.

At the time, I knew that my next pet would be named Yoda. I didn’t expect it to be a Mr. Micro Cat, which was my nickname for her when I rescued her. I was actually thinking that our next pet would be another Frenchie. The name Yoda implies big ears, and Frenchies do have them.

And yes, her fur is as fluffy as you’d believe it is.

Nikon D200 17/11/2009
Aperture f/5.0
Shutter 1/5
ISO 1600
Focal length 65 mm
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens

Close-up of Yoda's face

Nikon D200 17/11/2009
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter 1/3
ISO 1600
Focal length 150 mm
Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens
Photos weren’t post-processed nor pre-processed.

Cats Use Tails to Communicate Their Moods

Yoda the kitten in July 2008. She was so tiny!

I found this little post quite interesting. It details the different moods of cats and how they communicate them using their tails. I also wanted to know why my cat tends to gently bite me. I happily found out that this is the feline equivalent of kissing. The bites are gentle and don’t hurt. I guess that’s how she shows affection.

Parks Are Filled With Siberian Huskies

Female Siberian husky, exactly like the one I found today


Today was somewhat laid-back. I took my dog for a walk and suddenly, I came upon a beautiful Siberian husky with clear blue eyes. He was docile and playful, and his leash was still on him. He followed us around a bit and Spike quite liked him. I looked around for an owner, but none materialized. This dog was not fixed, but seemed to have been well taken care of. I couldn’t see any sores, scars, or marks on him. He was also extremely friendly.

I took his leash and not knowing exactly what to do, took him with me. I tried dropping him off at a friend’s place. They had four dogs before, two of them huskies, but now they have only 3. I thought that they could do something, but they weren’t home. Chad’s girlfriend Kate is Taiwanese and knows the area well, so she’d be able to phone people around to find out who his owner was.

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Yoda, The Computer Cat

Yoda as a kitten last year

I discovered that Yoda is the culprit.

She is responsible for switching off my computer. It’s happened a few times and my desktop is always on. It turns out that she played with the cables a bit. I have to admit that we have a cable mess between the sofas.

I gave Spike a well needed bath and played with them a bit while I relaxed on the sofa. I haven’t updated my reading series since I arrived in Taiwan. June was a slow month, but I’ve started reading heavily again in July. I’ll post updates today.

Toilet Trained Cat

My wife and I spent a little time reading up on cats, since we are getting used to Yoda, our rescued stray kitten. From the articles, it seems that she was about 10 days old when I rescued her. I successfully weaned her off milk and now, she’s a happy developping kitten. We just wonder how big she’ll get, since she’s getting plenty of food, contrary to the strays in our neighborhood.

Four Eared Yoda

Sarah and Jo told me about this kitty named Yoda with four ears. We’ve got a kitten named Yoda, but she’s only got two ears.

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