Fan TV Entertainment Center: The Zen Way of Watching TV

I’ve seen many different kinds of clunky TV boxes, and many are forgettable. There are quite a few that are basically eyesores in your living room, and it’s not always easy to find a way to make them appealing, except if you completely hide them away.

fan tv fanhattan fuseproject yves behar

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Issey Miyake VUE Watch: Time Comes into VUE

What makes this watch so interesting is that it shows only the most relevant numbers on your watch face, no others. That was a pretty smart idea, since you can easily tell time with a glance, which should be the main purpose of a watch.

yve behar dezeen vue issey miyake japanese watch

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Le Cube: If All TV Receiver Boxes Could Look Like This


Swiss designer Yves Behar teamed with the French cable channel Canal + to design ‘Le Cube‘. It combines a TV receiver box, with some cell phone capabilities, with a bit of computer stuff and internet all mixed in. Le Cube provides video on demand, catch up TV and an advanced program guide that will match your preferences. The black square on the box is an LCD display. Yves Behar was the chief designer behind the OLPC.

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