Ziiiro Proton & Ion Watches: No Numbers Required

I’m a fan of unusual watches, and Ziiiro has made quite a few distinctive ones lately. Their new Proton and Ion watches are no exception. While the Ion will please people who like traditional analog watches, the Proton follows what Ziiiro has tried to do with some of their other models.

ziiiro watch timepiece proton ion

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Best Tech-Infused Watches to Geek Out to

Some might say that watches are devices that are dying, but for people who don’t care much for using their smartphones to tell the time, having a decent watch makes sense. These watches feature a bit of technology, to make them stand out from the crowd. While they aren’t a total geek-fest, you’ll be happy to discover what they can do.

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ZIIIRO Celeste: Blending in with Time

ZIIIRO just released their latest watch, the Celeste. It continues the theme that was established with the Aurora/Orbit and Gravity/Mercury.  If you like a lot of flashing lights, then this watch isn’t for you. ZIIRO’s approach here is definitely minimal.

ziiiro celeste watch timepiece

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Ziiiro Aurora & Orbit Watches: It’s Color-Mixing Time!

Watch brand Ziiiro has come up with two new watches use an analog mechanism to display time in a visually-striking way. This time around, we have the Aurora and the Orbit. Of the two, the Aurora looks most interesting since it mixes two colors to show the time.

Ziiiro watch timepiece aurora orbit digital led

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Ziiiro Gravity & Mercury Watches: Easy to Read and Look Good

The one thing that I don’t like that much about those cool looking Tokyoflash watches is that most of them are extremely complicated to read. I don’t want to spend minutes trying to read my watch. In fact, a glance should be enough to tell the time. If the time has actually changed by the time you figure it out, you know it’s a bad design.

ziiiro gravity mercury watches digital

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