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  • Reasons Why I Love To Blog

    Blogging has become a part of my life since I started in 2006. I blogged in other ways before in HTML files that were constantly updated from 1998-2003. I wrote this post about my blogging habit. Today, I will go into the reasons why I love blogging. Suplado tagged me with a meme, so here…

  • The Second Week Of March In Photos

    This week was a good week for taking photos. The skies cleared up midweek and I got a few nice sunsets. There was some freak weather midweek. On Wednesday, it snowed. Minutes later, temperatures soared and the sun was out. Even though I didn’t feel like taking pictures, I did so anyways. It helps that…

  • Zooomr Problem

    I’ve been trying to access my Zooomr photos since last Wednesday and haven’t been able to. Does anyone else have this problem? My wife told me that she could access the site in Taiwan, but I’m in Canada and I haven’t had any luck whatsoever.

  • jUploadr

    jUploadr finally works again with Zooomr! jUploadr does bulk uploads. (via tomhawk)

  • Zooomr Exodus

    Some Zooomr users have gone over to Flickr in frustration with the unavailability of 6 months worth of photos on Zooomr.

  • Zooomr Photos MIA

    When I said earlier tonight that Zooomr was back up, I spoke too soon. If you are using Zooomr and you are wondering where the last six months of your photos are, you are in for a shock. The Zooomr team is currently moving their data from the US to Japan. The first step was…

  • Zooomr Photos MIA

    Zooomr uploads are down for the next few days as they are moving their data center to Japan and upgrading to MarkIV.

  • Nightshot Of Banqiao

    Interesting shot I took, but the framing could be better. Still, when I saw Trey Ratcliff’s shots of Asian cities, I was reminded of this one.

  • Photography will set your heart on fire or how the Lady In The Water will fare

    Photo by Finnigh. Today’s featured photographer is Ivan. Check out his beautiful skyscapes. The rest of the photos are mostly from the HDR pool from flickr. Check out my series of articles on HDR if you want to know more. In this post, I cover some Rocketboom, a new TV pilot called Traveler, some Big…