February 8 2012 Sun

Almost macro-ish shot of some beads hanging near my porch door

There wasn’t much sun around, so I had to improvise a bit.

February 6 2012 Dinner

Ramen and two chicken sandwiches

Dinner was a bowl of ramen, with added chicken, onions and spices, and two chicken sandwiches.

February 5 2012 10AM in Beirut UTC+2

FebPhotoaday, it's 10AM in Beirut, UTC+2

I didn’t get up this morning, because it’s a Sunday and I can sleep in as I usually do most Sundays, so I took this photo at around 4PM, Taipei time, which is UTC+8. Thankfully, it’s 10AM somewhere in the world right now, and it’s actually 10AM in Beirut, UTC+2, so there you go.

February 4 2012 Stranger

Strangers in the park

I took my camera out to the park and used the zoom on the 18-200VR Nikkor lens to its full effect to capture this. It was one of three possible shots that I had taken today, and it was by far the one where I could see the most of the face of the stranger. It was a beautiful day in the park, Spike had fun and lots of people were around.

2011 Scott F01 Aero

Scott F01 Aero Bike

Just before the Tour started last week, Scott announced their new aero bike the F01. A few manufacturers now have these types of frames, undoubtedly the most well known is Cervelo.

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