In this section, you will find regrouped articles that are included in a series. All of these posts can be found on this blog, however this is a way to access them in an easier structured indexed fashion.

All of the posts feature photos. I will feature each day a featured photographer, when I am not posting my own photographic work. You can peruse past posts to discover more about them. Click on the images to see the photographers web sites. Credits are given at the bottom of each post.
Please contact me before republishing any parts of these articles.


It has come to mind that an index would be very useful to navigate these articles. So I have included an alphabetical index for all the different sections.

  1. The Architecture of Pain
  2. Backpacking
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Dangers Of The Internet
  5. Education
  6. Fragmentation Of Family
  7. HDR Photography
  8. Memetics
  9. Movie Reviews
  10. Paperblogs
  11. Photoposts
  12. Racism
  13. Robots
  14. The Synchronicity Of Dreams
  15. Teaching In Taiwan
  16. Television – 24
  17. Television – Battlestar Galactica
  18. Television – The Black Donnellys
  19. Television – Blade The Series
  20. Television – Brotherhood
  21. Television – Deadwood
  22. Television – Doctor Who
  23. Television – Drive
  24. Television – Heroes
  25. Television – In Treatment
  26. Television – Jericho
  27. Television – Kyle XY
  28. Television – Life On Mars
  29. Television – The Last Enemy
  30. Television – Lost
  31. Television – Painkiller Jane
  32. Television – Primeval
  33. Television – Raines
  34. Television – Rescue Me
  35. Television – Rome
  36. Television – Saved
  37. Television – Weeds
  38. Television – The Wire
  39. Television – Work Out
  40. Thailand Chronicles
  41. Thought Police
  42. Tools And Tips For The Modern Office Worker
  43. The Unwisdom Of Crowds


(in progress)

This series of posts assembles all of the posts that contain information and photos that I took myself, in chronological order (the latest pictures are at the bottom). Prints and copies of all sizes are available for purchase. Please contact me for further details.

One: Nightshoot

Two: Dreamscape

Three: Quebec City Lights

Four: Nightshoot #3 in St-Henri

Five: The Lakeshore Series 1

Six: The Sogo Chute Series 1

Seven: The MRT NTNU chute

Eight: The Lakeshore Series 2

Nine: The Lakeshore Series 3

Ten: The Ambassador Series 1

Eleven: The Lakeshore Series 3 (Dusk Photos)

Twelve: Van Beek Christmas Series

Thirteen: Christmas Concert Series

Fourteen: The Hacker Series

Fifteen: The VT Art Salon Bonanza Series

Sixteen: The Ghost City Series

Seventeen: The Ghost Series Part II

Eighteen: The VT Art Salon Series Part II

Nineteen: The Lakeshore Elevator Series

Twenty: HSR Hsinchu Series 1

Twenty One: HSR Hsinchu Series 2

Twenty Two: CMBRT Series 1

Twenty Three: Wat Phra Mahathat Series 1

Teaching In Taiwan

(in progress)

This series of articles gives insights and opinions about teaching in Taiwan, from the perspective of a Canadian having moved to Taiwan for the foreseeable future.

One: Blog Check-In 2006.11.01

Two: Deodorants Or How We Can All Get Along

Three: Explanations And Ruminations

Four: Crazy Cab Rides In Taipei Or How The Conference Led To Some Fun Stuff

Five: The Grand Hotel Or How Pollution Is Affecting Us

Six: The Best Way Of Teaching In Taiwan

Seven: Getting Stiffed In Taiwan Or How Checking The Details Of Your Paycheck Pays Off

Eight: Why Becoming A Teacher Was One Of The Best Things In My Life

Nine: Strange Going Ons In Hsinchu City

Ten: Good Jobs And Bad Jobs In Taiwan

Eleven: The Finer Points Of Diplomacy And Negotiation In Taiwan


(in progress)

This series of articles showcases my original work in the field of memetics, the study of the propagations of ideas or memes in our modern society.

One: Memes, A Set Or Examples, Theories And Ideas

Two: Towards Digg 3.0, A True Digg-Nation

Three: Memediggers, A Series Of Examples

Four: The Viral Nature Of The Minds Of Children, Part I


(in progress)

Here you will find regrouped all of my lesson plans that I have used and published on this blog. The lesson plans come with comments and suggestions, as well as explanations.

One: Adult Conversational English 1

Two: Adult Conversational English 2

Three: Adult Conversational English 3

Four: Adult Conversation / IELTS Class

Five: Advanced English Creative Writing 1

Six: Advanced English Creative Writing 2

Seven: Advanced English Creative Writing 3

Eight: Adult Conversational English 4

Nine: Advanced English Classes Language Arts Lesson Plan And Curriculum

Ten: Language Arts Grade 4 Winter Vacation Curriculum

Eleven: Langauge Arts Grade 3 Winter Vacation Curriculum


(in progress)

This series of posts continue my exploration of the paperblog format, a term that I invented to properly define what I was doing. Paperblogs are written down in notebooks, then scanned or photographed and uploaded as a post on a blog.

One: Paperblog 1

Two: Paperblog 2

Three: Paperblog 3

Four: Paperblog 4

Five: Paperblog 5

Six: Paperblog 6

Seven: Paperblog 7

Eight: Paperblog 8

Nine: Paperblog 9

Ten: Paperblog 10

Eleven: Paperblog 11

Twelve: Paperblog 12

Thirteen: Paperblog 13

Fourteen: Paperblog 14

Fifteen: Paperblog 15

Sixteen: Paperblog 16

Seventeen: Paperblog 17


La Femme Enchantée

Thailand Chronicles

My travelblog from when I was traveling around Thailand during the Chinese New Year in February 2007.

One: Suvarnabhumi Airport And Into Bangkok

Two: Wat Phra Kaew, The Grand Palace, Wat Pho And Some Shopping

Three: Nathon Pathom And Phra Pathom Chedi

Four: Ayutthaya

Five: Back To Bangkok

Six: Arrival In Phuket And Ao Chalong

Seven: Ao Chalong

Eight: Ao Chalong, Hat Rawai And Hat Patong

Nine: Hat Rawai, Hat Kata & Hat Karon

Ten: On Thai Companionship And Languages

Eleven: How To Bypass The Taxi Mafia

Twelve: Crazy Scare

Thirteen: Liveblogging Or Sort Of From Airports

Fourteen: How To Bypass The Excess Weight Charge At Airports


One: Expedition Thailand Gear

Two: My Want List

Three: Adventure Travel

Four: Travel Bug

Five: Thoughts On Ultralight Backpacking

Six: Essential Adventure Gear

Tools And Tips For The Modern Office Worker

(in progress)

This series of articles gives a few tools and tips for the modern office worker, from teachers to programmers. They will help you survive if you feel like you are loosing at the office or if the cubicle wars are just too much for you.

One: The Smile-And-Nod Technique

Two: Isolating Yourself At Work

Three: Annoying People

Four: How To Say No

Five: How To Deal With The Noise Pollution At Your Office

Six: Planning Out Strategies

Lost (ABC)

This series of articles reviews, recaps and analyzes the ABC hit show Lost.

Season 2

One: Lost S02E22: Three Minutes

Two: Lost S02E23-24: They Live Together They Die Together

Season 3

Minus One: Lost Season 3 Podcast and Analysis

Zero: Lost Season 3 Spoiler and Analysis

One: Lost S03E01: A Tale Of Two Cities

Two: Lost S03E02: The Glass Ballerina

Three: Lost S03E03: Further Instructions

Four: Lost S03E04:Every Man For Himself

Five: Lost S03E05: The Cost Of Living

Six: Lost S03E06: I Do

Seven: Lost S03E07: Not In Portland

Seven: Lost S03E08

Seven: Lost S03E09

Ten: Lost S03E10

Eleven: Lost S03E11

Twelve: Lost S03E12

Thirteen: Lost S03E13

Fourteen: Lost S03E14

Fifteen: Lost S03E15

Sixteen: Lost S03E16

Seventeen: Lost S03E17

Eighteen: Lost S03E18

Nineteen: Lost S03E19

Twenty: Lost S03E20

Twenty-one: Lost S03E21

Twenty-two: Lost S03E22-23

Season 4

(in progress)

One: Lost S04E01

Two: Lost S04E02

Three: Lost S04E03

Four: Lost S04E04

Five: Lost S04E05

Six: Lost S04E06

Seven: Lost S04E07

Eight: Lost S04E08

24 Season 6 (Fox)

One: 24S06E01

Two: 24S06E02

Three: 24S06E03

Four: 24S06E04

Five: 24S06E05

Six: 24S06E06

Seven: 24S06E07

Eight: 24S06E08

Nine: 24S06E09

Ten: 24S06E010

Eleven: 24S06E011

Twelve: 24S06E012

Thirteen: 24S06E013

Fourteen: 24S06E014

Fifteen: 24S06E015

Sixteen: 24S06E016

Seventeen: 24S06E17

Eighteen: 24S06E18

Nineteen: 24S01E19

Heroes (NBC)

Season 1

One: Heroes Pilot Review

Two: Heroes S01E14 (NBC)

Three: Heroes S01E15 (NBC)

Four: Heroes S01E16 (NBC)

Five: Heroes S01E17 (NBC)

Six: Heroes S01E18 (NBC)

Seven: Heroes S01E19

Eight: Heroes S01E20

Nine: Heroes S01E21

Ten: Heroes S01E22

Eleven: Heroes S01E23

Season 2

One: Heroes S02E01

Two: Heroes S02E02

Three: Heroes S02E03

Four: Heroes S02E04

Five: Heroes S02E05

Six: Heroes S02E06

Seven: Heroes S02E07

Eight: Heroes S02E08

Nine: Heroes S02E09

Ten: Heroes S02E10

Eleven: Heroes S02E11

In Treatment (HBO)


Jericho (CBS)


One: Jericho Pilot

Two: Jericho S01E12

Three: Jericho S01E13

Four: Jericho S01E14

Five: Jericho S01E15

Six: Jericho S01E16

Seven: Jericho S01E17

Eight: Jericho S01E18

Nine: Jericho S01E19

Ten: Jericho S01E20

Eleven: Jericho S01E21

Twelve: Jericho S01E22

Season 2

(in progress)

One: Jericho S02E01

Kyle XY (ABC)

One: First opinions on Kyle XY

Two: Initial impressions of Kyle XY

Three: Kyle Got Game Update (ABC Family)

Four: Kyle XY Overheard S01E09(ABC Family)

Five: Kyle XY Endgame S01E10

Battlestar Galactica (SciFi)

Season 3

One: Battlestar Galactica S03E01-07

Two: Battlestar Galactica S03E08-13

Three: Battlestar Galactica S03E14-19 (SciFi)

Four: Battlestar Galactica S03E20

Season 4

(presently ongoing)

One: Battlestar Galactica S04E01

Two: Battlestar Galactica S04E02

Three: Battlestar Galactica S04E03

The Black Donnellys (NBC)

Zero: The Black Donnellys Canceled

One: The Black Donnellys S01E00 God Is A Comedian

Two: The Black Donnellys Pilot S01E01

Three: The Black Donnellys S01E02

Four: The Black Donnellys S01E03

Five: The Black Donnellys S01E04

Six: The Black Donnellys S01E05

Seven: The Black Donnellys S01E06

Blade, The Series (Spike)

One: Blade The Series

Two: Blade The Series Revisted (Spike)

Three: Blade The Series Revisted Again (Spike)

Four: Blade The Series: Angels and Demons S01E09 (Spike)

Five: Blade The Series: Hunters S01E10 (Spike)

Six: Blade The Series S01E11 (Spike)

Brotherhood (Showtime)

One: Brotherhood S01E01-06

Two: Brotherhood S01E07

Three: Brotherhood S01E10

Four: Brotherhood S01E11

Season 2

One: Brotherhood S02E01

Two: Brotherhood S02E02

Three: Brotherhood S02E03

Four: Brotherhood S02E04

Five: Brotherhood S02E05

Six: Brotherhood S02E06

Seven: Brotherhood S02E07

Eight: Brotherhood S02E08

Drive (Fox)

One: Drive S01E01

Two: Drive S01E02

Three: Drive S01E03

Four: Drive S01E04

Primeval (ITV)

Season 1

Primeval S01E01-06

Season 2

One: Primeval S02E01

Two: Primeval S02E02

Three: Primeval S02E03

Four: Primeval S02E04

Five: Primeval S02E05

Six: Primeval S02E06

Seven: Primeval S02E07

Doctor Who Season 3 (BBC)

One: Doctor Who S03E01

Two: Doctor Who S03E02

Three: Doctor Who S03E03

Four: Doctor Who S03E04

Five:Doctor Who S03E05

Six: Doctor Who S03E06

Seven: Doctor Who S03E07

Eight: Doctor Who S03E08

Nine: Doctor Who S03E09

Ten: Doctor Who S03E10

Eleven: Doctor Who S03E11

Twelve: Doctor Who S03E12

Thirteen: Doctor Who S03E13

Doctor Who Season 4 (BBC)

(presently ongoing)

One: Doctor Who S04E01

Two: Doctor Who S04E02

Three: Doctor Who S04E03

Torchwood Season 2 (BBC)

One: Torchwood S02E01

Two: Torchwood S02E02

Three: Torchwood S02E03

Four: Torchwood S02E04

Five: Torchwood S02E05

Six: Torchwood S02E06

Seven: Torchwood S02E07

Eight: Torchwood S02E08

Nine: Torchwood S02E09

Ten: Torchwood S02E10

Eleven: Torchwood S02E11

Twelve: Torchwood S02E12

Thirteen: Torchwood S02E13

The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1 (BBC)

One: The Sarah Jane Adventures S01E01

Two: The Sarah Jane Adventures S01E02

Deadwood (HBO)

Deadwood S03E01-11

Life On Mars Season 2 (BBC)

Life On Mars S02E01-07

The Last Enemy (BBC)

One: The Last Enemy S01E01

Two: The Last Enemy S01E02

Three: The Last Enemy S01E03

Four: The Last Enemy S01E04

Five: The Last Enemy S01E05

Painkiller Jane (Scifi)

One: Painkiller Jane TV Movie

Two: Painkiller Jane S01E01

Three: Painkiller Jane S01E02

Raines (NBC)

One: Raines Pilot

Two: Raines S01E02

Three: Raines S01E03

Four: Raines S01E04

Five: Raines S01E05

Six: Raines S01E6

Rescue Me (FX)

One: Rescue Me S03E01-12

Two: Rescue Me Finale S03E13: Beached

Season 4

One: Rescue Me S04E01

Rome (HBO)

One: Rome S02E02

Two: Rome S02E03

Three: Rome S02E04

Four: Rome S02E05

Five: Rome S02E06

Six: Rome S02E07

Seven: Rome S02E08

Eight: Rome S02E09

Nine: Rome S02E10

Saved (TNT)

One: Saved Review

Two: Saved Recap

Weeds (Showtime)

Season 2

Weeds S02E01-04

Season 3

One: Weeds S03E01

Two: Weeds S03E02

Three: Weeds S03E03

Four: Weeds S03E04

Five: Weeds S03E05

Six: Weeds S03E06

Seven: Weeds S03E07

Eight: Weeds S03E08

Nine: Weeds S03E09

Ten: Weeds S03E10

Eleven: Weeds S03E11

Twelve: Weeds S03E12

Thirteen: Weeds S03E13

Fourteen: Weeds S03E14

Fifteen: Weeds S03E15

The Wire (HBO)

Season 4

The Wire S04E01-10

Season 5

One: The Wire S05E01

Two: The Wire S05E02

Three: The Wire S05E03

Four: The Wire S05E04

Five: The Wire S05E05

Six: The Wire S05E06

Seven: The Wire S05E07

Eight: The Wire S05E08

Nine: The Wire S05E09

Ten: The Wire S05E10

Work Out (Bravo)

One: Work Out Review And Recaps

Two: Work Out S01E06

Three: Work Out S02E01-02

Four: Work Out S02E03

Five: Work Out S02E04-05

Movie Reviews

Running Scared

Mission Impossible 3

Inside Man

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Superman Returns

Miami Vice

Snakes On A Plane

Casino Royale: James Bond, 007

Night At The Museum

Ghost Rider

300, The Movie

Blood Diamond

Deja Vu

Book Reviews

Books By Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash Part 1

Snow Crash Part 2

The Diamond Age

On The Diamond Age And Other Neal Stephenson Books

Books By Alastair Reynolds

Revelation Space

Absolution Gap

Chasm City

Pushing Ice

Impressions of Alastair Reynolds Novels

Books By Iain M. Banks

Consider Phlebas

The Player of Games

Against A Dark Background

Feersum Endjinn



The Algebraist

Books by Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Mars

Green Mars

Books By Brian Herbert And Kevin J. Anderson

Legends Of Dune: The Bulterian Jihad

Hunters Of Dune

Other Books

The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana By Umberto Eco, Initial Impressions

Dangers of the Internet

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and examines the dangers of heavy internet use, from MMORG’s to Second Life to blogging.

One: The Problem with Second Life

Two: Blog and Internet Psychosis

Three: World Of Warcraft Addictions

Four: How to Manage MMORG Addictions, Testimonials, Tips and tricks

Five: Information Addiction

Six: Internet Addictions In China

The Architecture Of Pain

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and examines the nature of pain, why it exists and what are its effects on our lives.

One: Introduction

Two: Part I, Aches and Pains

Thought Police

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and examines dreams, their purpose, their use and their impact on our daily lives.

One: Part I

Two: Part II

Three: Part III: Litany against fear, Thought crimes and Thought control

Four: Part IV: Thought Policing: Media

The Synchronicity of Dreams

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and examines dreams, their purpose, their use and their impact on our daily lives.

One: Part I

Two: Part II


(in progress)

In this series of articles, I examine the root of racism in our modern society, how it impacts our culture and our well-being, our judgements and our attitudes when confronted with things that people consider different or foreign.

One: Thai tattoo crazy or how racism is the cancer of our society

Two: Viva la revolucion or how racism is polarized by multiculturism

Three: Brutal racist attacks in Canada

Four: Racism Watch Canada

Five: Senator George Allen Is A Racist Bigot

Six: Kramergate Or How Michael Richards Is Just Another Racist Bigot

Seven: World Racism Watch

Eight: Racism And Reverse Racism In Taiwan For English Teachers

The Unwisdom of Crowds

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and explains the concept of the wisdom and unwisdom of crowds, drawing a parallel about the mob mentality.

One: Introduction

HDR Photography

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and explains the premise, the why and the how-to of modern HDR photography. The tools needed, the software you must have and all the necessary information for someone to start taking their own High Dynamic Range photos.

One: Modern HDR photography, a how-to

Two: How The Memoirs got 127000 hits in a few hours…

Three: The Memoirs got 170000 hits, an analysis

Four: Understanding modern HDR photography…

Fragmentation of Family

(in progress)

This series of articles introduces and explores the nature and definition of the new family.

One: Introduction

Two: Part I


(in progress)

This series of articles examines the impact and nature of our relationship with robots. Getting inspiration from current robotic trends and science-fiction, I explore the meaning of robotics in our modern society.

If you like these articles on robots, feel free to read my short science-fiction called Galactic Rim which involves robots as well.

One: I love robots or cower down before your robot masters

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