Brotherhood S02E01 (Showtime)

Declan is in a bad place after beating the shit out of Michael at the end of last season. He told his wife his crimes and she left him. He has been on pills and drugs ever since. Even Moe is trying to help him, but all he gets is some attitude.

Michael survived the beating and is recovering from head trauma. He has lost some memories and is seeing Kath again. He has some blackouts that scare the people around him. At the same time, Michael isn’t in charge anymore of his affairs. Freddie took over until Michael has recovered. Michael isn’t happy because he knows that he isn’t getting all of his cut of his business. He has to remedy this situation.

Tommy is being very smart about Franklin. He is really careful on what he does on the hill. Judd is slowly loosing his mind and he is helping Tommy.

This was a great season premiere. I wasn’t surprised to see that Michael survived. It wouldn’t make much sense to have him killed, since Tommy’s troubles would get resolved. I enjoyed seeing Tommy’s political maneuvers. I recommend Brotherhood.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Eileen is having sex again with another man and Tommy keeps seeing this in his mind. He can’t believe that she is cheating. She told him everything that she has been doing at the end of last season.

Michael needed brain surgery. He has some problems with spatial recognition. He also lost memories. He is at the doctor’s office with Kath.

Eileen came clean to Tommy. Declan is passed out drunk in his car. He has a bunch of pills as well. Cassie gives him the finger.

Tommy goes under oath for Franklin. He doesn’t say anything. He evades all questions about Michael. The cops are still investigating.

Michael is being undercut by Freddie. Freddie moved into his affairs.

Judd is talking with Tommy about one of the representatives named Cavallo. He doesn’t make much sense.

Mike goes to see Freddie. He is concerned about his bar. Freddie says that the liquor store is closed. Freddie tells Mike to get well before he takes back his business.

Mike goes to see Declan. He needs a favor. He wants to know who bashed his head in. Declan won’t help him because he was the one who bashed his head in. Mike wants to go to see another cop. Declan stops him and says that he will make a few calls.

Eileen smokes a joint. She gets called to school. Lilah stabbed another student with a pencil.

Tommy gets a potential bribe from a CEO wanting to get bids into government works. Declan comes by for dinner at Tommy’s place. Declan thinks that he will work things out with Cassie. Tommy asks Declan about how he did with Alice Franklin. Declan is pissed and leaves. Tommy is suspicious of the businessman wanting to bribe him. Later, Eileen tells Tommy about Lilah and the incident at school. Tommy doesn’t want her on medication.

Kath and Mike are talking. Kath wants Mike to move in. When Mike gets a glass of water, he blacks out for a few seconds.

Declan is busy taken prescription drugs and getting drunk. Moe wants favors from Declan, but he doesn’t really care about Moe. The next morning, Declan gets a call from Mike. Declan lies to Mike about the investigation into his assault.

Moe tries to talk with Cassie about patching things up with Declan. She goes to see Declan to tell him off.

Tommy talks with his friend in the house Paul. He wants him to hear what the businessman has to say.

Declan confronts Moe and tells him to watch out. He sticks a gun up his ass and tells him that if he squeals to Mike Caffee, he’ll tell Freddie Cork that Moe has turned state’s evidence. Moe backs down.

Freddie comes to see Mike about his cut on the action. He says that there was a mistake and gives Mike what he’s owed.

Tommy and Eileen talk with the school counselor and make sure that she understands that Lilah won’t be on any pills. Tommy is disgusted by his wife, he sees only filth now when he looks at his wife. He sees all the men that she slept with and the drugs that she did. He leaves her in the parking lot.

Tommy uses the businessman to test out if it’s a plan by Alice Franklin. He knows that he will make an offer to the man on the finance committee. He does so for 30K. Tommy is really smart with his tactics. He doesn’t get his hands dirty and uses double blinds to test out the potential of new threats.

Mike takes care of one of Freddie’s problem. A guy owes him 50K but he is too well connected with the mob bosses to lean on. Mike kills him and his bodyguard. He dumps the bodies. He gets the 50K. He gives it to Freddie and gets his business back.

Tommy is having lunch with Alice. He proposes to get a camera on the businessman to see him offer the bribe. Alice later tells his undercover agent that he is burnt. They decide to go after Cavallo, the guy who accepted the bribe.

Declan tells Mike that it was the Russians who went after him. Cavallo is arrested. Tommy and Judd get what they want. Alice is pissed at not getting Tommy.

Tommy and Freddie talk about their kids and Michael. Tommy gave Freddie some contracts. In exchange, Freddie didn’t kill Mike in the hospital. Freddie wanted to tell Tommy that if Mike messes up, he’ll have to get rid of him.

* * * * *

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