The Lakeshore Series 3

Front view of the staircase to the health club, taken right after dusk.


All photos in the Lakeshore Series 3 are taken with a Nikon D200 and a Nikkor 18-35mm lens. Photos were taken on the 19th of December 2006 in Hsinchu Taiwan. Settings: ISO 1600, Long Exp NR on, High ISO Nr on, Shooting Mode P.

[Ed.Note: At 1 AM GMT, only a quarter (100/400) of my photos were uploaded. So this post will be updated throughout the day with the other good photos of the chute.]


I made it out in time yesterday to shoot some photos right after dusk. I didn’t see the sun going down, but that didn’t matter, I got some great light for photos.

Another good view of the fitness club staircase. It is right next to another part of the Lakeshore Hotel.

I took about 400 shots last night. I’m getting nearer to my 2000 pictures a week goal, but I still need to click some more. I might try to take some photos of the Ambassador Hotel tonight if I have time after tutoring. I asked my wife if she took the time to look at each photo after it was taken and she said no. I don’t do it either really.

A view of the main building of the Lakeshore Hotel, behind the illuminated trees.

I asked her what she did when she had multiple shots of the same thing, she said she rarely took the time to distinguish between them and just burned them on a dvd. Since I have a terabyte workstation, it doesn’t really matter since most of my disk space is unused.

Two very nice shots of the hidden Lakshore building. I really like the contrast between the bluish sky and the building.

I took some great pictures yesterday. Well, they are great in my opinion, but probably crap ass to others. I don’t really care, I just take them for myself.

A photo that I took of the rock garden, it was almost completely dark.

Right now, I am shooting at night so I am trying out the ISO 1600 setting, I am getting some interesting results. I got to be careful though, I notice some noise or pixel discoloration in the sky of my photos. Still, it is surprising to take a picture in the dark and end up with a good result.

Two shots comparing light of the same subject. These illuminated trees right next to our condo building are really great to look at during the night, but kind of suck during the day.

Look at the difference between night and day. Or night and dusk. I find that one of the reasons that I enjoy night-photography so much is that I have more control over the light. During the day, you are just bombarded with light from so many sources that it kind of blinds you.

The left side of the building we live in.

From the numbers of the photos I took, I can see that only a quarter has uploaded yet. I started my upload to my zooomr account last night and it doesn’t look like that was enough time. It will probably take the whole day for all of the photos to upload. If you didn’t know, I just upload my photos in the same resolution that I take them and let zooomr render different sizes that I can use. I do not share them, all of them are private. I use zooomr to back them up. Easy, since I got my account free and I have a 4GB upload limit per month, which I think I might hit this month.

I didn’t explore this angle last time I visited the waterfall at the Lakeshore. I like the aura surrounding the water. This angle could be an interesting one for longer exposures.

It is quite satisfying to just let the machines do the work that would be so painstaking. In the past, before DSLR became so popular, you would need to scan the negatives by hand and then upload them or use them. I have seen my wife spend hours doing this. I don’t plan too. In fact, not that I do not like photoshop, but I plan to spend as little time as possible on the editing of my photos.

The back of the main building of the Lakeshore. An interesting combination of buildings and lights.

I have got 2000 photos in my zooomr account. At first, I was quite reticent to upload any archival quality photos. This would mean that I would have to resize each photo individually myself, which totally sucked. My wife actually takes the time to watermark her photos. I don’t. However, before I left to come to Taiwan, I uploaded all my photos to back them up, since I had had multiple HD failures. I do have a portion of these photos that are just family photos, photos of my friends. But a large portion of these are night-photography shots.

Even the back alley at the Lakeshore is pretty.

Part of the machines that make the Lakeshore work.

For the next few nights, I might be trying to capture star movements on clear nights. I’ll need a tripod and a clear night. My co-workers have commented on how tired I look on the mornings. Naturally, this always happens after I take photos.

Another view of the health club staircase building.

A view to show the size of the building.

I managed to get the tree and the building in the same shot.

The grail of the Lakeshore!

A closer view of the grail.

Another tastefully illuminated tree.

* * * * *

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