lost three minutes

blastdoor.jpgthe show is getting more interesting. this time, it revolved upon how michael got turned to the dark side. we see the others and how they live, though my opinion is that its all a game. the others just pretend to be castaways. we saw evidence (costumes) to this when claire and kate discovered another hatch a while back in this season. they are actually part of the dharma initiative and have some weird goals observing the island with its weird magnetic fields. actually, after having researched it a bit, it turns out that the dharma initiative found out that the electro magnetic fields of earth, which keep harmful radiation from the sun away through the magnetosphere, is diminishing very rapidly. the research stations are there in order to observe the peculiar magnetic fields on the island and to try to correct the failing fields of earth. some sort of incidents happened because of their experiments, some sort of catastrophe. the monster is believed to be a mapinguri, a mythic giant sloth.

Map1.jpgwe saw that walt was ok, that he got tested by the others. the others wanted michael to bring hurley, jack, kate and sawyer with him so that they would release walt. after fighting with jack, michael gets his way, but not before torturer extraordinaire sayid is aware of something is wrong. he mentions it to jack and explains how to proceed. last episode, eko and locke discovered another hatch station, this one to observe their hatch with hidden cameras and a tube to send logs somewhere. locke and eko got there using lockes recollection of the maps found during lockdown in the hatch.

pink.jpgif you really want to get into the lost mysteries, there are a lot of ressources available. there is an aura of mystery surrounding the show, and its one of the first shows using web media effectively to gather up a cult following. there are a number of sites that were specifically made to elaborate and explain the mysteries of the hanso foundation, oceanic airlines and the dharma initiative.dharma secrets is one of the boards, and nctrnlbsts blog has a good recap on all evidence. ive included some of the recent evidence in this post. there also is a fake book called bad twin, which has some nice insights.

one of the exiting news of these sources of information is that the fake henry gale is actually alexander widmore, a member of the widmore family with strong connections to the hanso foundation. libby is supposed to be related to the widmores as well.

worst part of the episode, the funerals. nobody gives a shit about them. we just want the to know more about the mystery islanders and the island.

technobubble36.gif lost






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