Snow Crash Part 2

I just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I liked it. The setting is postcyberpunk and the story revolves around a drug called snow crash that crashes hackers and destroys their minds. Hiro Protagonist, the awkwardly named protagonist of this book, investigates this after his mate Da5id crashes. He meets up with his old flame Juanita and starts researching. During this, he hooks up with a young courier named Y.T.

The pair discover that it all has to do with Sumer, Babel and neurolinguistic hacking. There also is a reasoning that the tower of Babel incident really happened because Enki, one of the few fully conscious human beings five thousand years ago, was worried about the Cult of Asherah, who were propagating a metavirus by anyway possible through the Sumerian language. So he hacked everyone so that they could not understand Sumerian anymore, in effect vaccinating people from the virus. However, Lagos a information hacker has discovered parts of this and tries to sell this info to L. Bob Rife, the person in the world who employs the most programmers. Rife sees big and wants to use neurolinguistic hacking to become Ozymadias, king of kings and enslave the world through his new Cult of Asherah that he fabricated. At the same time, he wants to get rid of the hackers if they challenge his will, by using snow crash.

Neal Stephensons way of writing is a bit addictive. his chaotic way of writing and integrating the most absurd subjects, interests the reader in the most obscure subjects, such as the ancient civilization of Sumer of 5000 years ago, the Tower of Babel and Aleuts. i found this book very enjoyable and interesting. The disjointed writing made for a very compelling read.

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5 responses to “Snow Crash Part 2”

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  2. GlennWalker Avatar

    “Snow Crash” is one of my fave books. You should seek out “Zodiac” by Stephenson. It’s set in current day Boston but with the same sly sense of humor.

  3. range Avatar

    Hi Glenn,
    I’ve read Zodiac. I liked it. Snow Crash is pretty good, but you should try Cryptonomicon, The Baroque Cycle and Anathem. They are harder to read, but also more rewarding in their own way.

    1. GlennWalker Avatar

      I liked parts of Cryptonomicon a lot, but not as a whole. I didn’t read further in the series. I guess I should. Thanks!

  4. range Avatar

    Cryptonomicon is a hard read. The Baroque Cycle is even harder because of the ensemble cast and the fact that it takes place in different times. Once you get through the first book (each of the three books in the Baroque Cycle is subdivided into three further books), which is about the first 200 pages, you get hooked on that series.

    Anathem is the new book, self-contained. It’s speculative fiction and pretty interesting. It’s a lot about philosophy and science. Personally, I read it in a day and a half, but then again, I’m a fast reader. Of the three Stephenson books I suggested, I’d give Anathem a try first.


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