Language Arts Grade 3 Winter Vacation Curriculum

An interesting shot of people waiting in line for the MRT, in Taipei, Taiwan. Taken on the 9th of February with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200 VR lens. Part of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Series 1.

Same deal as before, only this time it is for Grade 3.

I created these lesson plans for the students who needed to catch up on some work during their holidays. Our school will skip these lessons, but since all of the course material is scaffolded, it is best to try and do them than be lost once the semester starts up again.

This lesson plan follows my normal setup and has to be used with the Grade 3 McGraw-Hill Reading book, the 2003 edition as well as with the Teacher’s Edition, the Reading Practice Book (PB), the Grammar Practice Book (GPB) and the Spelling Practice Book (SPB).

Phonics are included in the Spelling Practice Book, but there is a separate workbook that we used that isn’t too useful. Most probably, you will have to come up with additional lessons based on the Spelling Practice Book material.

Each story has enough material for two weeks, including all of the exercises. For Grade 3, I decided not too include Spelling in this lesson plan, because at the time, the kids didn’t have those books. They will be getting them and the Spelling book is essential for them to understand the language further by giving them a lot of vocabulary.

* * * * *

Winter Vacation Curriculum Language Arts 402

Reading Comprehension Lessons

For explanations about the lessons, refer to the Practice Book or the children’s Writing Book. Almost all of the exercises have been covered and explained in their writing book.

Story 1

The Little Painter Of Sabana Grande P292

Story Questions P314

Story Elements PB82, 86

Vocabulary: blossoms (blossom, noun), dawn (noun), faded (fade, verb), imaginary (adjective), miserable (adjective), shallow (adjective) PB83, 83A

Story Comprehension PB84

Summarize PB87

Context Clues PB88

Story 2

The Patchwork Quilt P320

Story Questions P346

Make Inferences PB89, 93

Vocabulary: gazed (gaze, verb), costume (noun), pattern (noun), attic (noun), examined (examine, verb), anxious (adjective) PB90, 90A

Story Comprehension PB91

Main Idea PB94

Multiple meaning words PB95

Story 3

Pecos Bill: A Tall Tale Play P352

Story Questions P372

Story Elements PB96, 100

Vocabulary: combine (verb), invented (invent, verb), located (locate, verb), prairie (noun), stumbled (stumble, verb), wilderness (noun) PB97, 97A

Story Comprehension PB98

Make Inferences PB101

Multiple Meaning Words PB102

Story 4

A Very Cool Place To Visit P378

Story Questions P382

Main Idea PB103

Vocabulary: beauty (noun), creeps (creep, verb), furniture (noun), palace (noun), pure (adjective), visitors (visitor, noun) PB104, 104A

Story Comprehension PB 105

Summarize PB107

Multiple Meaning Words PB108

Context Clues PB109

Unit 3 Vocabulary Review PB110-111

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