Advanced English Creative Writing 3


A view of an elevator in the Lakeshore, in Hsinchu Taiwan. Taken on the 9th of January 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm. Part of the Lakeshore Elevator Series.

It’s Thursday and it was time for another of my Advanced English classes. I have had great feedback from the Moms and they want to pursue these classes once a week for two hours after Chinese New Year. Things are looking good.

This time, one student had not done any homework, she felt a bit sick because of all the chocolate that they were eating during the holidays. I made her write out the homework for next week and she was able to start working, when the rest of the class was working.

Their diaries are coming along great, most of them write in the every day and they were pleasantly surprised when I told them that I was writing in one as well for my upcoming travel plansI explained and described my notebook, I hadn’t thought about bringing it with me, but they enjoyed to hear that. I was trying to show them that the teacher will write everyday as well. I also told them that I was currently writing the same stories as they were. In their eyes at least, they found this pretty impressive. I will have to show them what I have written at some point. I will probably just read it out loud to them.

Their stories are getting already a bit more complex, that is quite impressive, after only a few classes. I think that the students actually enjoy writing and look forward to it, which is a good sign.

* * * * *

Bornak Strikes Back


A few years later, Ivan has become a full magician in the Auhermetics Order and is actively pursuing the Bornakian Magicians, the evil followers of Bornak. Bornak has fled to the real world and is gaining influence in countries. The Bornakian magicians are attacking and terrorizing Symria constantly. A state of martial law had to be declared in the magical city. Things are looking grim.

Characters and Setting

The same as before, though Ivan has a love interest in this story. The sister of Junior Chancellor Ducat is enamoured with him.



  • Years later, Ivan is a full magician and hunting evil sorcerers.

  • Bornakian Magicians are terrorizing Symria.

  • A state of martial law had to be declared.

  • Elia, the sister of Junior Chancellor Ducat, is in love with Ivan.


 (1) – (6) Significant events that will happen in the main part of your story.


(1) – (3) Ending events happen in your story. This is the end of the story arc, so feel free to end things decisively.


* * * * *

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