Adult Conversational English Lesson Plan 3


Guards at the HSR Hsinchu (Jhubei) station guarding a sensitive area. Taken on the 16th of January in Taiwan with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm lens. Part of the HSR Series 2.

Tonight I had another Adult Conversational English class at our language school. Things went very well, I am able to browse through the course material pretty quickly and stop on a few vocabulary and grammar questions.

Today, we worked on another worksheet that I found on forumosa, thanks to Fox.

It is the classical question, what do you do when you are lost in the desert.

This lesson takes about 45-90 minutes, depending on how much time you spend on the different parts. I found that I started out with the first part, gave them 10 minutes to discuss it and then asked them to present their answers to the group. Afterwards, they spent another 15 minutes discussing the next questions and then I asked them again to present their answers to the group.

Most of the questions that they had were about vocabulary, such as words as “cope”, “physiologically” and a few others provoked questions from the students.

* * * * *


It is lunchtime, on a hot July day. You are driving across the desert with two friends. Suddenly your truck breaks down. You are lost. What can you do? Which six things do you take with you and why? How can you use them?

6 bottles of water
Two bars of chocolate
A gun and ammunition
A radio
3 blankets
3 cans of coffee
A mirror
A kitchen knife
Some bread, cheese and apples
A flashlight
A map
A box of matches
A can of gasoline
A small first aid kit

Have you ever been lost?
Do you know anyone who has been lost?

Which is the worst environment to be lost in?
Can you imagine being lost in this kind of place? How would you feel?

Talk about the physiological and physiological problems you could encounter. How would you deal with injury or sickness?

How do people cope with being lost?
Do you think you could survive in the desert?

Where can you find food and water in the desert?
What is the first thing you do after finding your way home?

Would you be the team leader or a follower? Why? Talk about the problems you could encounter in both roles.

* * * * *

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