Lost S03E02: The Glass Ballerina (ABC)

Warning, Lost Spoilers!

This post gives a recap and review about this Lost episode.

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With Kate, Sawyer and Jack being interrogated, the story goes back to Sun, Jin and Sayed on the sailboat. They wait nearby and start a signal fire. Sayed suggests that they move further off. They find the Other’s dock and prepare to start another signal fire.

Flashbacks start and we see that Sun had an affair with her language teacher. Sun’s father caught her and he wants to have him killed. He tells Jin that he has a man who shamed him and he needs him to take care of him. Jin is sent there and finally doesn’t kill him. To no avail, the guy either jumps or is pushed over by Jin’s minders.

On the boat, Sayed deduced that the whole thing is a setup and that Jack and the others have been captured. He tells Sun about this when she sees that the new signal fire he is building is much too large. They both try to dupe Jin, but Sun isn’t aware of how well he now understands English.

Back at the prison camp, Kate and Sawyer are put to work. Kate meets a woman in secret who knew Carl, the guy who tried to escape. Sawyer is always sizing other people up, and tries to mount a fake escape to see who can fight and who can’t.

Kate and Sawyer kiss before they are separated and Sawyer is tasered.

Henry Gale mentions that Juliet never brought him soup while he was being interrogated by the Others. The Others scout parties discover that the Lost survivors have a sailboat. Henry Gale orders his people to secure it. Colleen, Danny’s wife, leads the party.

Meanwhile, Jin and Sayed are making an ambush on the beach, not knowing that the Others have targeted the sailboat. The boat is boarded and Sun manages to jump overboard after shooting an Colleen in the abdomen. She makes it out of it alive.

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