Lost S03E05: The Cost Of Living (ABC)

Episode 5 of the 3rd season of Lost, recapped and reviewed on The Memoirs.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!
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This is an Eko-centric episode. Eko wakes up and disappears after seeing his brother Yemmi. He walks off into the jungle. Locke figures out where he is heading, after Charlie tells him that Eko muttered something about his brother. Eko is heading for the Pearl Hatch next to the aircraft where Eko’s brother was laid to rest. They make their way there.

Eko’s brother was a priest. Eko himself turned into a warlord. He tried to convince his brother to help him ship drugs out of the country. Yemmi refuses. But in a scuffle, when they are next to the plane, Yemmi pushes Eko out of the plane. Eko takes Yemmi’s place at his church. Eko tries to help his congregation, but he only manages to turn sacred ground into unholy ground by murdering a warlord who sells the vaccines that the clinic gets from the Red Cross. Eko is told that he owes a church to Yemmi. That is why Eko is building a church on the island. Eko leaves for London to pursue his studies. He takes the place of Yemmi.


On the way there, Eko has visions and he crosses the path of the black smoke, which rapidly disappears after Locke finds him again. They arrive and see that Yemmi’s body has disappeared. While the others go down into the hatch and play with the video feeds, Eko remains on top.


They find a video feed from another hatch where there are computers. The whole trip was to find computer terminals so that they could communicate with the Others. They see an older man with an eye patch. He looks spooky. Like something out of a David Lynch movie.


Jack tells Benjamin that he knows he is sick and that he could help him. Juliet tries to convince Jack to kill Benjamin during the surgery with a crafty video. Ben tells Jack that two days after his spinal tumor was diagnosed, a spinal surgeon dropped out of the sky. The surgeon was flying on Oceanic Flight 815.


While the others are in the hatch, Eko sees his brother again. His brother asks him to confess his sins and Eko denies that he has committed any. His brother says that Eko is speaking to him like he was his brother.


Furious and exasperated, Eko pursues his brother who disappears and is replaced by the black smoke. The smoke congeals and solidifies in attack position above Eko and throws and trashes him around until he is beat into a pulp. There are clockwork sounds as the smoke bashes Eko. To me, it seems like the black smoke is some form of nanomachinery that takes the form of a cloud.


Locke rushes up the hatch when he hears the attack cries of the black smoke. He comes up to find Eko dying and telling him that they will be next.

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