Lost S03E04: Every Man For Himself (ABC)

Two more episodes to go before we can really get into the analysis of Lost!

Warning, spoilers ahead!
Lost S03E01: A Tale Of Two Cities
Lost S03E02: The Glass Ballerina
Lost S03E03: Further Instructions
Lost S03E05: The Cost Of Living
Lost S03E06: I Do

This post gives a recap and review about this Lost episode.

Juliet is the Other’s name who is interrogating Jack. Henry Gale’s real name is Benjamin. The Others have a submarine that they used to board the sailboat. That is why no one heard them coming along.

Colleen is Danny’s wife, who got shot by Sun on the sailboat. They bring her in and Juliet, who is a fertility doctor, tries to save her but she isn’t a surgeon. So they bring in Jack. Sawyer and Kate see Jack, but can’t talk to him and he can not see them. Jack is brought there to try and save her, but it is too late and the Others do not have a crash cart.


Colleen dies. Danny is upset and beats Sawyer up. This is after they pretended to implant an exploding pacemaker into Sawyer and threatened to put one into Kate as well if he didn’t cooperate.

Jack asks Juliet who’s x-rays he saw on the way into the operating theatre, because the person has a tumor on their spinal cord and Jack happens to be a spinal cord surgeon.


In the flashbacks, Sawyer manages to con his way out of prison by finding a lost 10 million dollars that was stolen from the government. We also discovered that Sawyer has a daughter named Clementine and that his real name is James Ford.


Benjamin tells and shows Sawyer that he doesn’t have a pacemaker and that they are on another island, somewhat further away from the island the Lost survivors call home. Sawyer sees that if he escapes, it will be quite impossible without getting a boat.


Desmond continues with his prescience by saving Claire and Aaron by construction a lightening rod with an old golf club. Why is Desmond all of a sudden prescient? To Charlie, it looked like Desmond was hitting on Claire, trying to make her roof better. But Desmond just constructs a lightning rod right next to her tent. It saves her, Charlie and Aaron.

The only way to get a con man’s respect is to con him.

Henry Gale to Sawyer

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