Heroes S01E15 (NBC)

“Girl looking for fish”, taken in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

Claire’s adoptive mom is having neurological problems because of all the mind wipes that the Haitian has been giving her.

Nathan Petrelli pays off Claire’s biological mom.

Jessica is at home in Nikki’s body. Her husband and boy, who both have powers, seem none the wiser. Jessica is playing an assassin for Linderman. Linderman wants Mr. Malsky dead. Matt Parkman, the telepathic cop, is now working as a bodyguard to pay the bills during his suspension. He is protecting Malsky. Meanwhile, Jessica is tasked to kill Mr. Malsky.

While Ando is looking for hope, the small Japanese man, finds an impressively tall American woman called Hope. Ando wants to help her. She tells them that she knows people who know Linderman. They try and help her to get her bag back.

Dr. Suresh makes contact with Zane Taylor, but before he can reach him, Silas finds him and takes his powers.

Parkman learns that Malsky stole 2 million dollars from Linderman, that is why he wants him dead. They are trying to escape and Jessica is waiting for them in the elevator.

Jessica is doing it because she has to pay back Linderman. That is why Nikki is out of jail. There is a shootout and Jessica throws Parkman out of a window. He luckily lands on a sign and survives. He heard Jessica and Nikki arguing, and Jessica is aware of this, because when they argue, it’s only in their head not out loud.

Jessica knows that Parkman can read minds. Parkman greets the cops. Claire goes to find her mom once more and gets a little more information. She wants to meet her father.

Dr. Suresh meets Silas, pretending to be Zane. Silas has already taken his powers and shows them to the good doctor. He is able to liquefy solids. Silas is elated when he finds out that there are many others who have gifts like his. He wants to meet them all so that he can kill them all and take their powers.

Ando gives the bag to the Amazon and leaves with her. Hiro is imprisoned in a closet and is released by the guy from whom they took her bag, which was filled with money. Hiro heard that she was just playing with them, trying to make them get her bag from that man.

Claire’s adoptive mom doesn’t even remember her dog, Mr. Mugles.

Meanwhile, Jessica gets her next hit; Nathan Petrelli.

* * * * *

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