Heroes S01E14 (NBC)

The view from the secret beach, between Ao Chalong and Hat Rawai in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Thailand Chronicles.

Peter is trying to control his powers, thanks to the invisible man, Claude Raines.

Nikki is trying to integrate her other personality, Jessica, in prison. When the shrink does get Jessica out, she can not control her. Jessica really messed up the shrink; she has been repeatedly tasered and a few broken bones.

Silas faked his death and manages to escape his prison. He locks his captor inside the prison.

Isaac Mendez is continuing to paint the future while Hiro and Ando are talking with Hiro’s father. His father, played by George Takei from the original Star Trek series, tells him that it is time to go back to Japan and become an Executive VP in his family’s company. Hiro says no and to that, his father replies by tearing up the art that Hiro was going to use to steal the Kansei sword.

I couldn’t tell how good Takei’s Japanese was. It seemed fluent enough, but I am unsure.

Claire and Zack make their way to see her biological mother, who was never dead. Claire learns that her mother is a firestarter (she can control fire and create it), after she shows her powers. Silas is waiting for Claire at her house, posing as a delivery man for her father. Her adoptive mother is none the wiser. Her adoptive mother has spent the last few weeks getting her brain wiped by the Haitian.

Hiro’s father has run into some trouble because of Hiro’s unplanned trip to American. Kimiko, his sister, tries to convince him to go back, but Hiro tells her that she is the one that his father has always trusted.

Hiro manages to show his father that his sister will be a more successful heir than he will ever be. Nikki is released because someone on death row confessed to all of her crimes.

Nikki is now imprisoned the same way Jessica has been over the last few years.

Peter is thrown off a roof and is able to regenerate. He understands how to call up his powers. Isaac is in communication with the strange man in order to find Peter. He tells him that Peter is invisible somehow and the man replies that an old friend that was long thought dead, isn’t as dead as they thought.

Nathan Petrelli is Claire’s father. He and her mother had an affair a long time ago.

* * * * *

I’ve always enjoyed superheroes, but I couldn’t really get a feel for this show until recently. I enjoyed the pilot, but it looked like the action was going nowhere for a while. Things are rapidly falling into place, but there are still some mysteries.

* * * * *

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