Brotherhood S02E03 (Showtime)

We finally find out what happened to Pete and it isn’t good. Mike isn’t happy, but Freddie doesn’t let him go wild. Even when they try, it doesn’t really work.

Collin continues to help Mike as a soldier. Tommy sees the speaker’s mistress and thinks about getting one himself. Things aren’t really working with Eileen, and it’s not like he can get a divorce while he is running for office.

Declan continues his path on the downward spiral. He continues to use drugs and whores to try make him feel better about the situation with Cassie. She doesn’t want him in her life anymore, and Declan can’t handle it.

This was another excellent Brotherhood episode. It’s brewing up into a gang war between the Irish and the Italians. Things are also heating up for Tommy, and not just in the political arena. Great scriptwriting and great casting on this Showtime show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

We see some guys in a modified Honda Civic dump a body and leave.

Declan has trouble going to the toilet. A naked girl is wondering what he is up to. Declan has a strange blonde beard and brown hair. He is covered in tattoos. The girl Jenny tells him that it’s all the Vicadan that he is taking. It messes with the GI tract.

Michael offers Collin a job at his bar. Declan gets called to see Alice. It’s time for his drug test. Alice wants Giggs to become Freddie Cork’s dirty cop. It’s either that or piss in the cup and fail the drug test. He agrees to the terms.

Caffee is having lunch with the speaker. The speaker’s mistress shows up and causes a scene. Tom has to deal with the situation.

The body was dumped in front of Tom’s house. It was Pete. He was tortured and shot. Mike asks for Collin’s help.

Michael is trying to get his cut for Freddie, but is informed that Nazoli has reviewed the split.

Tommy goes to see Sondra. She wants a state job, one from which she can’t be fired. He had told Eileen to stay away from Pete’s death, but she goes to see Kath. She tells her that she will make some preliminary calls.

Collin comes to see Freddie. He asks what Freddie will do for Pete. Freddie is busy playing video games. One of his goons gives Collin a few bucks.

Giggs is spying on Cassie. She is on a date. She sees him and drops off a canoli. He wanted to know her advice, but she doesn’t really give a shit. She wants him out of her life.

Declan goes to see John. He takes some drugs and gets a whore.

Tommy asks the speaker about his wife.

Collin comes to see Michael with his pal Jerry. Jerry says that he saw three guys loading a body into a little Honda. He recognized one of the voices and it was Baby Frank Nazoli. He goes to see Freddie. Mike wants payback. Collin prepares some Molotov Cocktails. They burn down a Nazoli joint.

There is a raid on the brothel where Declan is staying. He gets beaten up. The raid was orchestrated by the Nazolis in retaliation for burning their pool hall.

Giggs get bailed out by not telling what the arresting officer did to him. The record of his arrest is expunged. Alice tells them that Giggs is an undercover officer.

Freddie and Nazoli have a meet. Nazoli’s nephew killed Pete because he wouldn’t drink at a strip joint.

Giggs is back at the whorehouse to get some more drugs and another girl.

Mike and Collin want to take care of Baby Frank, but they can’t find him. His mother comes running and tells them that her brother in law told her that Frank is in Arizona.

Tommy comes home and finds his girls in the living room. The two younger girls are playing while Mary Rose is trying to do her homework. He looses his temper and screams and the young ones to get upstairs. He threatens them with the belt. Later he regrets this. This happened because Mary Rose told him that Eileen is going to Pete’s funeral.

Freddie comes to see Declan in the whorehouse. It’s the beginning of the con.

Declan comes by to beat up Walsh, his arresting officer.

Tommy meets a woman at a social function. He hits on her.

* * * * *

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