Blade The Series: Hunters S01E10 (Spike)

This post gives a recap of this week’s episode of Blade The Series on Spike. The show has had moderate success ever since winning over 2.5 million viewers during its premiere in June.

After her night with Marcus, Krista destroys her supply of serum. She goes out hunting but before she can satiate her thirst, Blade takes her back to his hideout to wean her off blood.


Chase is kidnapped by Charlotte, head of Cthon. She wants to know of Marcus’s plans. Shen is contacted by the sister of a missing waitress. A glyph in one of the photos grabs his attention. He tells Blade and finds out that this glyph is from an unaffiliated house, the White Prince. Blade investigates.


It’s funny how there are strippers in every few episodes. I guess this is because it’s on Spike, not that I’m complaining. I have actually been misspelling Cthon. I have been using Cathar. Cthon reminds me of Cthulu for some reason.


The missing vampire, the White Prince, is actuality Gilles de Rais and other killers throughout history. Shen says that the vampire disfigured himself some time ago and needs familiars to find girls for him.


After a brief skirmish, the vampire and his familiar are dead. Krista had managed to break down the door of her prison, but she stays to detoxify from the blood.

* * * * *

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11 responses to “Blade The Series: Hunters S01E10 (Spike)”

  1. tin66 Avatar

    Not got the chance to see any of Blade’s series. Just wondering…is the concept still the same with the movie? Blade being a day walker and etc.?

  2. range Avatar

    The concept is exactly the same. Blade works with a helper called Shen that takes the place of Whistler. He is allied with a newly turned vampire called Krista, who has infiltrated the House Of Cthon, a powerful house of vampires.

  3. ashley Avatar

    Does anyone know if Blade is coming back for a 2nd season

  4. Mitps Avatar

    In Episode 12 broadcast 13 Sep 2006 Blade and Shen travel by car from Detroit MI USA to Toronto Ontario Canada. They are carrying a large number of weapons, and Shen is badly bloodied from being tortured.

    At some point they must cross an international border. The Ambassador Bridge (Detroit-USA/Windsor-Canada) is closest. How do they get through customs?

  5. Lori Avatar

    Anyone have pictures of the different glyphs from the different houses?

  6. range Avatar

    I have yet to see the season finale, I will probably see it tonight. Crossing the border with weapons must be a hassle. I guess that it isn’t an important part of the plot.

    I’m pretty sure it will come back for another season, though I haven’t read any confirmation of this. It’s an entertaining show.

  7. Shauna Avatar

    yeah i want to see the second season so bad but i need to know the date and day of when it is coming back on. If any of u know plz tell me. I am a Blade The Series Fan.

  8. range Avatar

    Hello. I am pretty sure that the show will come back next summer. As with other shows that are playing during the summer, like The Closer, they usually are renewed for another summer the following year. Some networks will play the shows during the fall season instead of the summer. Just like CTV played the The Closer during the fall, after the season was finished on TNT.

  9. Rebecca Avatar

    Hey.I also need to know what day and time the show is coming back on 🙂

  10. range Avatar

    Probably next summer, it is a summer series like The Closer and airs on SpikeTV during the summer.

  11. JOE Avatar


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