Lost S03E07 – Not In Portland (ABC)

An apartment building behind FE21 on Xida Rd. in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taken on the 11th of February 2007 with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200 VR lens. Part of the Hsinchu By Night Series.

A lost recap and review. Warning, spoilers ahead.

In the operating theatre, Juliet thinks about her sister who was dying of cancer. At the time, she was in Miami and Juliet sees Ethan for the first time. It isn’t clear what kind of disease she has, but she has the look of someone who has been doing radiation therapy.

As Kate and Sawyer run away, they get chased by a team of Others stalkers who start shooting at them. Both of them see now that they are on another island. Jack confronts Tom about Juliet’s betrayal and her plan to kill Ben. Tom sends her out of the room. Kate and Sawyer get rescued by Ben’s daughter, Alex.

In the flashbacks, Juliet was the wife of Edmund Burke, head of biomedical research firm. She has been experimenting on her sister to try and save her life and to get her pregnant. Edmund finds out and tries to get her research.

She gets headhunted by a biomedical firm called Metelios but says that she can’t do anything unless her husband is dead. She actually mentions him being hit by a bus. Juliet is a research doctor in fertility and when she informs her ex-husband that her sister is pregnant, despite being ridden with cancer, he gets run over by a bus.

Ben wakes up on the table and asks for Juliet. He convinces Juliet to help Kate and Sawyer escape the island.

Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer learn that Alex has boat. Alex wants them to rescue Carl, her boyfriend. They find him being brainwashed on drum & bass music. As they reach the boat, they get confronted by Danny, but before he can shoot, Juliet kills him.

Jack nicks another artery on Ben, but this time not on purpose. He gets Tom to help him.

Juliet tells Alex that she has to stay. Carl, Kate and Sawyer can escape. Kate radios Jack to tell him that they are safe.

In the last part of the flashback, Juliet meets Ethan for the first time, officially at the morgue, when she identifies her ex-husband. The biomedical firm that wanted to hire her really wants her to work with them. They had shown her a casefile of a 29 year old woman who’s uterus looks like a 70 year old woman. Before the flashback ends, the corporate guy tells her that their research facility is “not in Portland”.

Juliet says that she has been on the island for over three years. If she saved Ben and saved Kate and Sawyer, Ben would finally let her leave the island.

* * * * *

Another great episode. It looksl like Jack is stuck with the Others for the time being. Maybe he will get indoctrinated. The whole brainwashing scene was a bit disturbing.

How do they manage to make people stay on the island?

Will Juliet really be allowed to leave?

And what is happening with the Losties on the other island?

* * * * *

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