The Sogo Chute Series 1

The main roundabout in downtown Hsinchu at the Eastern Gate of the city.


All photos in the Sogo Chute were taken with a Nikon D200 with a Nikkor 18-35mm lens on the 14th of December 2006. Settings: High ISO NR on, Low Exp NR on, Optimize Colors more vivid, ISO 800.


The photos that I took yesterday looked shitty while I was taking them, but turned out not too bad the day after I uploaded them onto my zooomr account.

Interesting view of the Sogo building in downtown Hsinchu. 

I felt like the lighting was just too sucky in order to have good pictures, but since I had fiddled with the settings of my camera, they turned out pretty interesting. I shot about 75 photos last night, all in the same area, next to the Sogo building in downtown Hsinchu, Taiwan.

A different angle on the same Sogo building. 

Sogo is like an upscale department store, just like Holt Renfrew and Sacks 5th avenue or Bloomingdales. Or Harrod’s in the UK.

Corner of Dongmen St. and Minzu Rd.  

Here are the settings that I used last night. I found that when I use multiple exposures, they tend to be shifting toward a reddish tinge. Also, you have to be careful in your composition, because sometimes it ends up looking up too noisy. Noisy? Because of too many things in the photograph.

A view onto the Hsinchu Train Station from across the Sogo building.

I have kept the Focus Mode on Single instead of Continuous Servo AF.

A full frontal view of the Sogo building.

I haven’t played at all with the shutter speed since it gave bizarre results. I forgot how to modify the shutter speed when I am in the S mode.

A view fromt the small alleyway across from Sogo.

Optimizing colors is at More Vivid.

A 4 shot multi exposure picture shot in continuous mode to give a dragged effect.

ISO sensitivity is at 800, I might try 1600 tonight.

Another 4 shot multi exposure photo with too much going on.

High ISO NR is on as well as Long Exposure NR.






6 responses to “The Sogo Chute Series 1”

  1. Edseverripit Avatar

    The pixel-stretch on the bus looks awesome! and without photoshop by the looks of it too 🙂 Sweet!

  2. range Avatar

    Thanks mate, I had a grin on my face when I realized I could try this. The camera can shoot 5 fps, so it can be pretty impressive. I am pretty sure that I am at 4 fps right now. Though I did delay the shots just a tad to give that effect.

    Yeah, my wife does a lot of photoshopping. I used to modify the sizes of my images when I uploaded them onto flickr, but I just found it so tedious. Right now, I shot and I upload what I like right away. I got something like 1627 photos on my zooomr account. Most of them are private, because they are archival quality shots.

    I might play around in photoshop with some of my better pictures, but first, I want to get to know my new camera.

  3. Edseverripit Avatar

    Thinking about filters, I’d say just muck around a bit, that’s what I always did 🙂

  4. K Avatar

    I like the shot with “so many things going on”. It reflects a bit of living my life in the city esp the alleyway. Great shots Range! Can’t wait to buy a new digital cam.

  5. range Avatar

    Things are a lot cheaper in the East than in Canada. I would have never been able to buy a Nikon D200 right away over there.

    Thanks K!

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    […] The Sogo building in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taken on the 14th of December 2006. Part of the Sogo Chute Series 1. […]

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