Heroes Powerless S02E11 (NBC)

This is the season finale of the the hit show Heroes, which deals with ordinary people who have developed extraordinary powers.

I enjoyed the finale. It was a really nicely paced. I’m a bit disappointed that volume 3 Villains won’t start until next year. It seems that the season only just started. Oh well, I’m sure that the show will just get better. Other than Silar, I wonder which other villains it will feature. Adam is out of commission for now.

I’m surprised that Hiro choose to put Adam in a fresh coffin. Since Adam can most probably survive until beheaded, it is possible that he will be able to get out of the coffin at some point in time. Although I don’t know how his powers will deal with asphyxiation. Air will run out in the inside of the coffin. How will Adam breathe? He needs to breathe, but can heal all wounds. Can he heal death? More importantly, can he heal death by asphyxiation?

I found it supremely stupid that both Claire and Nathan thought they could help out people like them by coming out. It’s ridiculous! I don’t mean the plotline, but I mean the characters’ frame of mind. It’s normal for Claire, she’s just a teen. But Nathan? He should have known better.

This was a great episode. I wonder what will happen with Nathan and Nikki, as well as Adam in volume 3, Villains.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mohinder heads back to his apartment. He finds Silar waiting for him. Maya is there cooking for them. Molly is asleep. When Suresh learns that Silar no longer has any powers, he tries to kill Silar with a knife. Silar pulls a gun on Maya. Maya is loosing control. She is able to stop from killing everyone.

Angela is out of jail. Matt tells Nathan that Victoria is dead. Angela tells the story of how the company started out. Adam wanted to kill the world. They stopped him and locked him away. Only someone with Peter’s abilities could get to the virus. Angela tells them both that a bullet through the head will kill Adam and Peter.

Peter and Hiro are fighting. They are both using the same power. Peter uses the electric power to shock Hiro through the sword. It unfreezes time. Adam sees Hiro and takes the sword back. Hiro is unconscious.

Bob benches his daughter for messing up once again with Claire. No more field assignments for her. Elle goes to see Noah.

Bob tells Noah that they will have to take measures to keep Claire quiet.

Nikki is told by Micah what happened to Monica. Nikki tells Micah that she no longer has any powers. Micah tells her that all she needs to do is drive.

Peter and Adam make their way into the Odessa Texas facility of Primatech. They are in front of the safe. Peter uses his powers to try and open it.

Silar has taken everyone to Suresh’s lab.

Elle discovers that Silar is free and in Mohinder’s lab. She decides to go after him by herself.

Monica is about to get burned alive by the gangsters.

Nathan and Matt arrive at Primatech. Hiro is happy to find them.

West and Claire have a disagreement about how to proceed with the disclosure of the information. Noah walks back in. Claire is surprised to say the least.

Molly tries to find Alejandro, but can’t find him. She tells him that he is dead. She is about to freak out. Silar has to shoot her. Silar learns from Suresh that he has the same strain as Nikki.

Noah tells Claire that he struck a deal with the company. He will go back and work for them and his family will be safe.

Peter gets through the safe. Hiro tries to intervene and stop Adam, but Peter stops him. Peter is about to do something he will regret. Matt tries to stop Peter. Nathan has to get involved.

Hiro and Adam have a showdown. Hiro says that he should have killed Adam a long time ago. He transports Adam away through space and time, but not before Adam can drop the vial of the Shanti virus.

Nathan is able to convince Peter that Adam might have other motives. Peter runs into the safe and is able to stop the vial from breaking with his telekinesis. Nathan tells him that he came here to destroy the virus. It’s time to finish the job. Peter uses his nuclear abilities to destroy the virus.

Nathan, Peter and Matt want to take the whole thing public. They don’t know it, but they are being filmed by the company.

Elle walks in as Silar is about to escape. She is running after him. Maya is getting healed by Claire’s blood.

Monica is about to get burned to a crisp. The gangbangers light the fire. Nikki gets involved. She gets Monica out, but Nikki is trapped. The building explodes.

Hiro tells Ando that he buried Adam in his father’s coffin.

Elle is pissed that she didn’t get Silar. Mohinder thanks her for saving them.

Nathan is gunned down during the press conference before he can say that he can fly. The company made sure to stop them. Angela shot her son or had someone else shoot him. Angela reported to someone else. She said that this was unavoidable.

End of volume two, Generations

Volume Three Vilains

Silar injects himself with the vials and gets his powers back.

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