The VT Art Salon Bonanza Series

The front of the Taipei Railway Station building which also houses the Taipei Main Station MRT stop. Strange lights illuminate it and I saw a lot of foreigners around.


The VT Art Salon Bonanza Series was taken on the 30th of December 2006 on our way to the VT Art Salon, a minimal lounge off Nanjing Rd. in Taipei. All photos were taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens.


A nice skewed shot of the building as we head towards a taxi. Most of the oustide shots were taken in minutes with no preparation at all. Also, I was following people who were in a hurry, so I had seconds to snap off a few shots here and there.

The front sign of Taipei Main Station.

A close-up view of the sign.

A few different shots of the strange lights in front of the station.

The building right next to the KMall building.

A better view of the building.

Another view.

On our way to the taxi stand.

The train ordeal in Hsinchu. At least we took some good pictures.

A few shots of a “local train” .

A fast train arriving.

A few shots of the Sogo building in Hsinchu taken thru the reflection of a car window.

A girl in the background showing off her back.

Iutian’s friend Asu.

Lin Chen mixing it up at the VT Art Salon.

A shot of the visual DJ mixer.

Great balls of … metal.

Strange scantily clad promo girls in the bar.

Lin Chen mixing.

* * * * *

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Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

14 thoughts on “The VT Art Salon Bonanza Series”

  1. Hi Range,

    Happy New Year! We had a great time with you and Jo this weekend and I’ve been anxiously waiting for your latest additions and comments. It was well worth the wait and all those photos that you took the other night look gorgeous. Great job as usual. Keep it comin’!


  2. Hey Carrie!
    Thanks for the comment!

    Most of the pictures of people inside the bar didn’t turn out that great because of the lack of light. I could have used the flash and I did for some shots, but they didn’t turn out great either. Maybe we will have to bring Jo’s pro flash with us next time, to take pictures of people inside.

    Jo’s lens and her experience are better suited for people shots than mine. I like playing with lights and exposures.

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