Expedition Thailand Gear

Odd illuminated obelixes in front of Taipei Main Station. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 30th of December 2006. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series.

When going backpacking-traveling in South East Asia, you probably need specific gear to do it properly. I plan on getting just a few things for my travels. Since we have heard that eveything is cheaper in Thailand, we plan on making a few purchases. I plan on packing minimal gear. I am thinking about even storing an empty bag or buying one in Thailand and just filling it up with cheap clothes. One thing I do want to get is linen clothes. But let’s get pack to my packing needs. This will include stuff that I already have and stuff that I will need.


This post was updated on the 11th of February 2007 @ 10:20PM


National Geographic large backpack NG-5737 [check]

Now this is a really cool design and functional backpack. It is the largest available and will be able to house all of my gear. I am not planning on taking a lot, but just in case, this has enough space for a tripod and more attached to it. Also, there are a lot of nifty pockets. I already have the large shoulder bag for my day to day needs. This bag will hold a lot of stuff and will enable me to drag it all around, if I need to in, for example, a busride from Thailand to Cambodia.

Passport and money pouch [check]

I’m not planning on getting this particular one, but a pouch holstered to your body containing your passport and money is always very useful.

Fanny Pack [not getting it]

As before, this could be quite useful on trips where your main luggage is stored in your hotel room. It can house a lot of stuff that is better kept in a bag than your pockets.

I haven’t been able to find one, but I think that I will just tote my NG shoulder bag with me everywhere. Anyways, I always need to stash my camera and that is where it will be most likely if it’s not in my hands.

Nikon D200 + 8 GB CF Card [check]

This I already have and will most definitely bring with me on my trip. I can take up to 2000 shots at the highest resolution of JPGs. I plan on taking a laptop with me as well to store the photos, or finding a lighter weight solution such as a little portable HD that can read CF cards.

18-200 mm Nikkor lens with VR [check]

This one I do not have, but hope to have before I leave. Right now, I am using my wife’s 18-35mm lens and hope to get this all purpose one that has been in quite some demand. I do not know if I will have it in time. Time and money are factors, since demand outweighs supply for these lenses. They should be cheaper here, around 15000 NTD maybe.

Laptop or easy store solution [check]

I’ve done a bit of research, and it might be possible to find a storage solution a lot lighter in weight than my laptop, although if I don’t bring a laptop, I don’t know how I will blog during our travels. Internet cafes? Most of the solutions are HD based and must work pretty well, but the best solution I could find was either a PVP or a just a HD with an LCD screen. Even then, these solutions would cost between 300 to 600 USD. A new 8GB CF card is about 200USD here (6400NTD). Still, that would seem ridiculous, buying 5 x 8GB CF cards, the same price as a MacBook just to not lug around a laptop. I will have to think about that one. The most photos I have taken is 900 at one time and of those photos, I kept 150 of them. It looks like taking my laptop with me would be the easiest solution, although the heaviest one.

Multi LED Flashlight [not getting it]

A man can never have enough flashlights. I have recently purchased my 1st one in Taiwan. But I plan on getting a multi LED flashlight here. I have seen a few that offer good illumination. They had between 5 and 8 LEDs. And they were quite small, small enough to fit inside your hand. They probably had AA batteries in them. Even then, they are essential in my mind because you can never go long without light. Also, since I take pretty much exclusively night shots, A variety of LED lights in different colors, such as blue, white and red, can be quite useful to set moods. I have not yet tried this, but I will in the next few weeks before leaving for Thailand.

I love this picture. I took it by a reflexion that I found on the driver’s side of a car parked at the Hsinchu train station. The car had metallic gold tinted windows all around and showed me the Sogo building through a different light. Taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 30th of December 2006. Part of the VT Art Salon Bonanza Series.

Lonely Planet Thailand and Cambodia [check]

We are still unsure if we are planning on visiting Cambodia this time around. It may have to wait until next July before we visit Angkor Wat. Still, Lonely Planet Guides are essential when traveling in South East Asia, unless you go with a guide.

Tripod [check]

My wife has a spare tripod that I plan on taking with me. Although I have not used it that much, I will need it to take a few HDR shots and long exposure shots, without getting things too wobbly.

Spare Towel and Socks [check]

Just like Douglas Adams recommends, don’t leave home without a towel. Spare socks will be very useful to carry, when things get a bit sweaty and stinky, it’s always nice to have a fresh pair of socks.

Hiking boots [not getting it]

Not that we plan on hiking a lot, but we will be doing quite a lot of walking. My guess is that a good pair of hiking boots should do the trick. I will also bring some flip flops and a pair of Nike Airmax crosstrainers, just to keep things comfortable.

Minimal clothes [check]

I’m planning on bringing the few bermudas that I have plus a few t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt. But that is probably it. I think that most times, I tend to overpack or underpack. This time I will underpack and get what I need in Thailand. I will take a tuque, since I have come to discover that tuques are important in any type of weaterh and a scarf, as well as rain coat.

Odds and ends [check]

A pocketknife, some glowsticks and a book that I haven’t read before as well as some maps. That seems odd, but most books that I have, I have already read. I read voraciously fast, and it is a problem because I rarely enjoy reading books from the library or ebooks, they have to be physical. I have Umberto Eco’s latest book and another book from him that I haven’t read, but clearly those will not be enough. I need at least another book to get me through the long hours of traveling. Or get a PSP. I don’t know. I do have a Gameboy SP, but I have rarely played it in the 3 or 4 years that I have had it. PSPs look fun, but then again you need power.

Ipod [check]

I am definitely going with my ipod. Nothing better to cut off everybody else but a bit of music.

Water Bottle [check]

I have already gotten a good small water bottle but need a much bigger one that can hold over a liter of water.

* * * * *

Anyways, that is all I could think off tonight. Hopefully, I won’t forget anything, but we always do forget something. I just hope it won’t be anything major. I have just watched Dirt with Courtney Cox. The celeb bits kind of sucked, but the crazy photographer was a great character. I liked how his schizophrenia invaded his own reality.







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