Weeds S03E04 (Showtime)

Cable cars at Ocean Park all lined up. Taken in Hong Kong last week.

Nancy has got to make some hard choices in order to be able to pay off her debt to some drug dealers. To top it off, she is under surveillance from the DEA, so she can’t move her own dope. In the end, she gets help from an unexpected source.

A developer from a neighboring town is trying to use Agrestic’s sewage system to help his town, Majestic. Nancy ends up working for him.

Another interesting episode, with Nancy making some choices about how to deal with her problems. I recommend Weeds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The DEA agent is Peter’s partner. Nancy just tells him that they broke up. Peter is dead, killed by Armenian mobsters in the end of last season.

Majestic has sewage problems. They want to send part of their sewage through Agrestic. In exchange, they will retrofit Agrestic’s sewage system to handle the load and give access to all their recreational facilities to Agrestic residents.

Sean is helping Nancy write her CV.

Andy is having trouble in boot camp.

Nancy gets hired by Sullivan Groff, the man behind the Majestic community. Nancy sees Peter’s partner lurking around in the parking lot.

Conrad is putting together the grow-op in the warehouse.

Doug has been helping the city council on their decision to accept Majestic’ shit highway. Doug gets back on the city council.

Nancy calls her campus security friend, who busted her last season. She offers him some dope, after she got threatened again by U-Turn. She sees DEA agents all around her. She leaves before she can make the sale.

Andy’s battle buddy gets killed.

Silas takes the drugs and tells Nancy that his community service is completely unsupervised; he meets tons of interesting people who would buy dope. Nancy doesn’t want this, but Silas knows she hasn’t got a choice.

* * * * *

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