The Lakeshore Series 1

A shot of one of the interior courtyards of the Lakeshore Hotel, I really enjoyed this picture because of the green light in one of the sole top windows. It took me a few shots to get it right though. I enjoy how many atmospheric lights are present in this shot.


All photos in this Lakeshore series were taken by me with a Nikon D200 and a Nikkor 18-35mm lens on the 13th of December 2006.


It was hard.

It was hard to go out last night and shoot photos for about an hour. My day normally starts at 6:45 AM. I get home by 5:30 PM. On most nights, I have private students. Yesterday, my day ended at about 9:15 PM. When I got home, I didn’t even change, I just got my camera and left again.

I had been planning on shooting some photos at the Lakeshore Hotel, a five star hotel right next to our apartment. They have some beautiful light decorations that are not too tacky. Since the main reason why I started taking pictures is night photography, and that night photography is always better with some nice illumination, I was looking forward to shooting there. So I spent some time walking around and shooting. I shot about 223 photos. I got some interesting results. I still haven’t figured out how to change the shutter speed to force the camera to take long exposures, I will research this today. I have been able to take a few multiple exposure shots. I don’t know how good these are, but they look interesting.

Next time I go out, probably tonight, I will have to bring a tripod. The difference is that tonight, I am plannning on going downtown and taking pictures in the center of Hsinchu. I know for a fact that there are a lot of neon lights.

Another shot of the same courtyard, but with an angle on the building that houses the health club where my wife was running and exercising last night. Notice how the building looks a bit skewed. It almost looks like a fisheye lens shot. I enjoy the clarity of this shot as well, I used to take a lot of blurry shots and play with lights. With the Nikon D200, you can capture a lot more colors and interesting elements. 

This is a really interesting feature of the Lakeshore Hotel. This is a 20 foot waterfall that goes straight down from ground level. It shows the health club that is located in the basement level of the hotel. The lights are fiber-optic or LED based and change colors at set intervals. I almost didn’t notice it. It only becomes apparent when you take the stairs up away from the health club. I backtracked and took a few dozen shots. 

A shot from the top of one of the wings of the Lakeshore. It shows another courtyard located in between buildings.

A nice blurry shot filled with lights, from the top of one of the Lakeshore buildings and out to Minghu Road in Hsinchu. To the left, you see one of the main buildings of the hotel. 

A view from the waterfall feature from the top of one of the Lakeshore buildings. Next time, I will try to include the tree that is illuminated in the top left part of this picture. 

A shot of one of the main buildings of the Lakeshore Hotel. Next time, I will have to pay more attention to the framing. Notice the bottom of the frame, towards the left. You see part of the structure of the building I am on.

A skewed view of the staircase that leads down to the fitness club at the Lakeshore Hotel.  I quite like this shot, however there is a weird greenish glow on some of the lights. I will probably have to take a few times again.

I wish this shot was more in focus, but I will just have to go back and shoot it again, probably with a tripod to stabilize the image, since this shot needs a few seconds exposure to process. It looks like a burning bush. 

Right now, I am in between classes at work and my computer at home is still uploading pictures to my zooomr account. Pretty cool, it should be done in the next few hours. I am planning on taking some pictures of the kids that I teach next week as well.

As I mentioned before, I don’t use zooomr as photo sharing tool, but I use it as an archival tool. I upload all of my photos to my zooomr account and keep them private. The site renders them in different sizes and allows me to blog about them. I have no intention of making them public in these resolutions, since they are huge, 3872×2570 or something like that.

But this way of functioning is problematic;


Well because of just sending you to my zooomr page with the tag-word lakeshore, I have to include my best pics in a blog.

* * * * *

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