Lakeshore Series 2: Bates Motel Or Kindgom Hospital, You Decide!

New shot of the Lakeshore Hotel’s main building. I tried not to shoot the streetlight in the far left corner.


All photos taken with a Nikon D200 and a 18-35mm Nikkor lens on the 18th of December 2006 in Hsinchu Taiwan. Settings: Shooting Mode P, ISO 1600, Long Exp NR On, High ISO NR On. All the photos are part of the Lakeshore Series 2.

See this post for the photos of the Lakeshore Series 1.


Like a photographer on assignment, I took my task seriously. Even if I was dead tired and I had just finished my day and it was 9:15 PM, I took my camera out to shoot some photos. I took a total of 200 shots last night, quickly too, because I was home by 9:37. I’ll explore the garden of the Lakeshore once more tonight. I am not near at off of having taken 2000 shots during the weekend. I might be close to 1000, but still you have to take a lot of pictures to take 2000 in 2 days.

This shot is darker, you can still see the glow from the streetlight though.

I felt that I had gotten a challenge from tender [hooligan], so I quitely obliged. I took a few shots of the Lakeshore main building, at a similar angle to my first one of it. I varied the ISO setting to 1600 from 500 to see the results.

I feel like a robber in the night taking pictures, because yesterday I was wearing a tuque as well as my pollution mask. Only my eyes were showing. I need to get some gloves, because it gets pretty cold at night on the scooter.

With a different ISO setting, I tried to see the difference between my original shot and this one. I also tried capturing more of the hotel instead of just the top eerie part.

Through a mirror darkly, I took this picture using the circular mirror that cars use to see around a corner. This mirror is stationed right outside our garage door.

A car leaving our garage and both the red and green lights are on at the same time, confusion or purpose?

This shot is a bit too blurry, but I still like it. I like the angle, I’ll need to take it again with steadier hands.

Front sign of the Lakeshore hotel, surrounded by the scooters of the people who work there.

A nice eerie shot of the main Lakeshore building, with some stars in the backround. It was a clear night compared to my original shot from the Lakeshore Series 1

It looks like the glows of streetlights are blinding the camera to the light of the stars. I like this shot, because the lights give a certain ambience to the photo. 

While I was able to shoot around the streetlights, I got caught by the streetlight above my head. I still like the effect, it looks like we are seeing a glare from the sun, but it is night.

You almost can not see the glare in this picture.

A somewhat too blurry shot of our building and the parking lot that is always empty. You can see the noise in this picture.

Another blurry shot of our building, with only one person having their lights on. 

A nice shot of our building, but notice the noise in the darkness next to the light, this shot would have been a lot better if taken with film. There would have been an interesting texture to the darkness.

* * * * *

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