Jericho S01E17 (CBS)

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Things are getting critical in Jericho.

With more and more refugees coming into town, the resources are spread very thin people are starting to become irritable. It’s just a matter of time before someone snaps and brings the whole thing down like a castle of cards.

It’s funny, because of all the people who would do this, I didn’t think it was going to be this one.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


A few kids are hunting rabbits and they find the tank.

The town is almost in revolt because they discovered that the marines were con artists. But the town keeps giving away their food to refugees and strangers, the food isn’t going to last long. I find it strange they would actually take the chance to help all these people, because that is what most of the other towns are doing.

Hawkins gets a message from Sarah’s backers to meet and exchange the bomb for money. The refugees start fighting when they are told by the mayor and the sheriff that they will no longer be accommodated.

The ugly side of the refugees is being shown. They have been stealing food from the people of Jericho.

Dale and Skylar have to collect their dues once more from some farmers.

Mayor Gray wants the refugees out of there and they are start to fighting him back. In the scuffle, after the mayor threw in a tear gas grenade, somebody dies.

Skylar is able to outsmart the farmer easily and gets away with the gas and a horse.

Hawkins makes his way to the rendez-vous point. On the way, he changes the location of the meeting point to one of his own designation.

One of the refugees is away and makes it into the Green’s house.

Roger and Gray have a heated argument about the refugee situation. Gray pulls out a gun and Roger jumps on it. He fires on Gray.

Hawkins is up against a lot of men. He takes pictures of their leader, he is the one that has been communicating with her.

Roger asks Jake to get Jessica to help Gray. Roger is behaving irrationally and keeps Gray as a hostage. After some negotiation with Jake, they come up with an agreement. But I think that its not going to work out.

Hawkins puts a tracker on the truck as they leave.

At the end of the hostage situation, Martha convinces people to take in the refugees. The need for a violent confrontation ends, but Roger is exiled because of his crimes.

Dale hired some of the refugees to act as his goons, so his trading post is fine. Martha decides to take in a few people.

While people are fighting over food, Hawkins is printing out pictures of the buyer. He has access to a satellite and finds the old man. They give him a message to say that they will double the price.

At Bailey’s everybody hears reports about the terrorists and the attacks for the first time on the radio. Jimmy learns that the terrorists had all been carrying almost perfect FBI ID with them. This makes him think about Hawkins.

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