Jericho S01E16 (CBS)

A Sogo in Hong Kong, next to Causeway Bay MTR Station. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

Not a lot happens in this episode. It’s almost a filler episode; the fallout from Sarah’s killing and the town’s collaboration with another town is showcased. No new information about the conspiracy and why the bombs detonated on the USA has been made available. With a couple of episodes left before the season finale, I wonder really if we are going to find out anything more substantial. Maybe, maybe not.

I have not yet seen if this show has been renewed for next year. As always, the show has good points and bad points. Most of the drama is boring. The good parts are finding out what really happened and why there was a nuclear holocaust.

April is unconscious, right after she learns that the hospital is on its last tank of diesel which will last the generator another 10 hours.

Jimmy, the sheriff, comes asking Hawkins where Sarah is. He tells him that she left for New Orleans.

Dale is having trouble getting people to respect their deals.

April is bleeding out while her husband is getting wood with his new girlfriend. Is this some kind of a sexual metaphor?

Hawkins is burying the bomb in his shed. The new mayor wants to buy new wind turbines; the town just received its first one.

Darcy is giving a statement concerning Sarah’s whereabouts. For a few minutes, Hawkins thinks that she is giving him up, but in the end she protects her own daughter and doesn’t tell the sheriff about what happened. Hawkins’ family is living at the shelter.

After the mayor wouldn’t help Dale, he takes matters in his own hands; he collects dues with a gun.

April looses the baby.

The town is trying to make a deal to get more wind turbines. However, it looks like the price is going to be too high; the neighboring town Newburn wants 700 lbs of salt, 10% of the spring harvest and 10 Jericho men in guarantee of payment.

Darcy is moving in with the sheriff’s family.

The drunken doctor says that April will die. In the end, he is able to come through and help operate on April so that she will most probably survive. And he stops being drunk and takes care of the patients at the hospital.

10 men leave Jericho, including Eric and Stanley.

Jake’s friend tells him that Heather didn’t want to come back to Jericho. This leads me to believe that she is actually being held captive, just like the men of Jericho will be when they get to Newburn. It looks like the sheriff of that town is running some sort of a police-state.

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4 responses to “Jericho S01E16 (CBS)”

  1. Poagao Avatar

    Back when I was stateless and pretty much homeless in Hong Kong, I would go to this store, enjoy the air conditioning and watch the same bit of a movie on the display TVs over and over again.

  2. range Avatar

    Stateless and homeless.

    That is a powerful statement. I wonder what else has happened in your life. I have heard bits and pieces about it, the army and adopting a new country, I am curious to learn more.

    We should hook up with Mark at a Likemind in two weeks in some café in Taipei.

  3. paddydaddy Avatar

    One of your posts got me downloading Jericho. Not a bad show…
    BTW, where do you get all the time to watch all these shows, write about them (and all the other things you write) take photos, work and manage a relationship?? Oh yeah, I forgot I have 2 kids. But still…
    Why do you feel compelled to write summaries for each episode? Thanks for the back-up on the Watoto dog gone rabid post and commentary!

  4. range Avatar

    I have a lot more free time since I moved to Taiwan, but most of the time, I do it for fun and to practice writing. I find that the more I write, the better I get.

    I watch the shows in batches, and I normally have the reviews and recaps written well in advance before posting them.

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