Jericho S01E15 (CBS)

Johnston tries to make Ridley’s people stay, but they want to leave. There are no resources in Jericho, and things are looking bad.

The people running Jericho realize that they will not make it through the winter without making some hard decisions. Just about when they are close to despair, a company of marines show up.

The marine gunnery sergeant tells the people of Jericho that now that they have won the war, it’s time to rebuild. He says that they nuked the hell out of North Korea and Iran. North Korea supposedly financed the bombs.

The people ask about the different people who were claiming to be President. The sergeant tells them that the federal government has reunified in Columbus, Ohio and that the former secretary of HHS is now in charge.

Hawkins deceives Sarah by kissing her and gets her communication device. He gets the idea on what she is up to. Sarah realizes that he has her device, and approaches his children with a gun.

The marine sergeant tells the mayor and Johnston that they will not be very far up the list on towns that will receive aid.

Something is feeling fishy, because Jake overhears a conversation on the radio. He thinks he is hearing artillery fire, but he is actually hearing the fireworks from Jericho; this means that the marines aren’t really marines and all of what they have said isn’t true.

Their deception is revealed and they aren’t the marines, they are just a band of bandits wearing costumes. But Johnston tells the mayor that they have no choice but to make the town believe that it was all true so that they would have hope.

Hawkins had the bomb in his house the whole time, and while there is showdown between him and Sarah, there is also a fight and Sarah gets shot by Hawkins’ daughter.

They let the fake marines leave with their clothes and a bit of food. They keep the tank in Stanley’s barn.

* * * * *

I don’t know why the townspeople didn’t rob the marines dry. I mean, they were faking it the whole time. So if the situation was as desperate as they say it is, I would have taken away all of their guns, ammo, military clothes and stuff and given them a few old rags.

Again, there isn’t a lot revealed in this episode. It’s centered too close to the town, and not enough on the outside world. If they had more info on the outside world, then they wouldn’t have been deceived so easily.

* * * * *

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