Rome S02E07 (HBO)

The front of the Sogo on Fuxing Rd. near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興捷運站). Part of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

Penniless Jocasta marries Marc Anthony’s freed slave, the one that he inherited from Caesar.

Pollo’s wife is pregnant. There is a plot to seduce Verenus’ oldest daughter.

Lepedus, Marc Anthony and Caesar want to divide the empire of Rome into three separate entities. Caesar will take Rome and the West. Anthony will take the East and Lepedus will take Africa. All the profits will be divided up in three.

Meanwhile, Sevillia is calling for justice in front of Attia’s home, because of the death of her son. She has been there for days. Finally being driven mad by Sevillia’s calling, Attia goes out to meet her only to be damned by her. This happens right before she kills herself. Her personal slave kills herself as well.

Herod wants the backing of Rome to reclaim the throne of Judea. He offers Marc Anthony 20000 pounds of gold. Posco tells Myceanus and he tells Caesar. He is not happy.Pollo tasted the joys of Gaia, when he was supposed to beat her senseless.

Memnio’s ploy to use Verenus’ daughter against him is working as planned. Memnio sends the daughter back as a spy.

Attia thinks she gets her way. Caesar and Anthony are discussing an upcoming marriage between their families, which will show a great deal of unity between them.

To Attia’s despair, she will not be marrying Marc Anthony, but Octavia will be.

The two Jewish agitators want to kill Herod during the marriage procession. It doesn’t work out the way it was supposed to and one of the brothers is killed by the other.

Attia hears Sevillia’s damnation in her mind while she thinks about the marriage.

Gaia gets a compound that will abort Ireni’s pregnancy.

* * * * *

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