Rome S02E04 (HBO)

A closer view of the Brother Hotel, on Nanjing E. Rd and Fuxing Rd in Taipei, Taiwan. Taken on the 9th of February with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm VR lens. Part of the Shin Kong Mistukoshi Series.

Anoter Rome recap, the show is in it’s second season on HBO. This is the recap for the 4th episode.

The servant girl in the Juliae house tries the mutton stew and poisons herself, thereby sparring Atia. Atia has the assassin tortured and finds out that Sevilia has tried to kill her. She suspected this and will move against Sevilia.

As Pollo makes his way north, he comes across the latest battle between Caesar Octavian’s army and Marc Anthony’s. He meets the young victorious Caesar who gives him letters of passage and hints to where to find Verenus. Caesar has grown up into a young leader, adored by his troops (An older actor plays him now).

Pollo finds Verenus and they both ask Marc Anthony for permission to leave the legions. He gives his accord. Marc Anthony has lost 8000 men in his battle against Caesar. Meanwhile Brutus has successfully mounted an army of 9 legions strong, with more soldiers and gold pouring in.

Sevillia gets captured and tortured by Atia. But before she can end it, her torturer releases Sevillia into the streets of Rome.

I’m not a dog

He growls, as he chokes Atia before escaping. Atia survives.

On their way to find the children, Pollo and Verenus finally clear the air and make up. They find the children in a pitiful state and rescue them. Even the adulterous child Lucius is saved and not killed.

* * * * *

Verenus is finally reunited with his family, or what’s left of it. For the younger children, it wasn’t so bad. But the older girl has been used as a whore.

What will Verenus do next?

Join Octavian’s army?

We are only a few episodes into the new season and there is still a lot of things that could happen.

* * * * *

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