Kyle XY Overheard S01E09 (ABC Family)

This post gives a recap and review of this week’s Kyle XY episode on ABC Family. This show blends science-fiction with a good family oriented mystery, and has enough quality to be in primetime on any other network.

In this episode, Declan and Kyle discover that the Tragers are being spied upon by Tom Foss, the security guard. Also, the mysterious company that developed Kyle is now aware of their product escaping and wants to terminate him. Kyle starts using his super hearing and discovers that even he has some limits.


Charlie and Declan talk about the girls and Kyle overhears them with his new sense of hearing. He discovers that Charlie is seeing Hillary at the same time that he is going out with Amanda.


Foss used to work for this company and an agent is sent to dispatch him and Kyle, though unsuccessful, the company knows where they are. Kyle has a seizure as the agent readies to shoot him. Kyle ends up in a hospital because of the seizure.


At the end of the episode, the “parents” of Kyle turn up. My guess is that they are the parents of the kid that disappeared in 1985 from the University of Washington.

Another great episode, the show is slowly revealing the origins of Kyle. But is Kyle the person that disappeared in 1985 or a clone of some sort, because he doesn’t have a belly button, so his birth must have been different than the norm.

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5 responses to “Kyle XY Overheard S01E09 (ABC Family)”

  1. Ashley Avatar

    He’s got to be a clone; a child born, literally, from a test tube. My guess is that he was never even in a womb, but rather some creepy, scientific cloning machine or something, which is the reason for the absence of a belly button: he doesn’t have one because there was no umbilical cord.

    My summation: he’s a clone of that genius from 1985. He has no name. His name is essentially 281227. (I think this is true simply because discovering that his real name is Noah or something would be too much for 13 year-old-girls to handle. “He’s Kyle and he’ll always be Kyle!” Can’t you just hear them screaming that? Besides, you can’t change a title character’s name.) But what went wrong with 281227 that made MadaCorp want to terminate him? Who knows.

  2. range Avatar

    Some kind of cloning might be involved, I agree with you there. But I think that it goes even further. His mind has been tinkered with and modified so that he is super-smart. Trouble is, I don’t think he will last that long if he keeps using up his brainpower that much.

    Cheers and welcome to The Memoirs.

  3. stephanie Avatar

    mada from madacorp adam spelled backwards. adam bailin. hmmmmmmmmmm?

  4. thomas Avatar

    first off is adam bailin the guy from 1985? because he was in last mondays episode all growed up and even clones need ambilical cords because otherwise they have no way to get nutrients and second off clones also are born at age 0 not age 16 or 57 they are made with the same process they mix the chromosone put them in the womb and then it grows

  5. range Avatar

    I don’t know, where do you get your info from Thomas?

    The show has ended and will be back for another season with some answers I hope.

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