The Black Donnellys S01E02 (NBC)

An illuminated building during the light show in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

There isn’t a lot to say about this episode. I didn’t like it that much. The pace and drama of the show actually picks up quite a bit for the next few shows, but this one didn’t really grab me. There an exclusive online episode available, called God is a Comedian, available until April 10th on the NBC website. It’s only available for American viewers, but viewers worldwide can probably block their IPs or download and watch it anyway through other means.

The online episode is actually the third episode that was supposed to air, but got pulled due to its content by NBC.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


With their brother in the hospital, Tommy and Kevin need to get rid their bloody clothes. With no money, they need a plan to do some shopping. Tommy comes up with the idea of lining bags with aluminum foil to keep the scanners out.

It turns out that Jimmy didn’t have time to dump another body before he got arrested, so Jimmy and Kevin have to do it in broad daylight.

Tommy has to break the bones of the body so that it fits into a barrel that he will dump into the river. Jenny comes by the bar and starts cleaning up the mess in the basement. Jimmy is still in jail and his brothers will not bail him out. Tommy gets rid of their car and returns the ransom money to the Italians.

* * * * *

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