Brotherhood S02E04 (Showtime)

Mary Rose has some problems with a car. Eileen and Kath help her out. Tommy has a new mistress. Tommy gets into trouble with a real estate developer. Freddie asks Declan to clear up a problem he has with a rival whorehouse.

Declan continues working undercover for Alice. He’s not given a lot of instructions, just to be crooked. This comes easy for him since he was already doing stuff for the Caffees. He doesn’t need to pose as a drug fiend since he has become one.

I enjoyed this episode as well. Tommy’s personal life is heating up. He took a mistress because the speaker told him that having one saved his marriage. He knew that his marriage with Eileen was on the rocks, ever since she confessed to doing drugs and sleeping with other men.

I’m not sure that there will be a gang war, but we all know that Mike can’t stand around doing nothing. He will get his revenge from Baby Frank. He continues to have blackouts. I recommend Brotherhood.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Tommy is meeting his new mistress to have sex. This happens because of what the speaker told him during the last episode. That having a mistress actually saved his marriage.

It’s time for a family dinner with the Caffees. Tommy’s mom puts him at the head of the table. Normally Mike gets that seat.

Declan is watching Freddie. He invites him in. He wants Declan to get involved with a rival whorehouse owner who is undercutting his prices.

He meets with Alice to confer. Alice tells him to proceed but doesn’t want to know the details.

The owner of Bodie Company wants to make a deal with Tommy.

Mary Rose is driving her car and drives over a newspaper vending machine. She scraps the side of her car. She goes to see her uncle, but he isn’t there.

Mike, John and Collin are getting ready to collect on a debt on Freddie’s behalf. They kill a guy who would never pay his debt. There is a moment when Michael blacks out for about 10 seconds.

Kath calls Eileen. Mary Rose stole her grandmother’s car and was on her way to Massachusetts for a party. Eileen says that they have to dump the Geo somewhere. If Tommy finds out, Mary Rose is in trouble.

Mo and Declan make their way to the rival whorehouse. It’s owned by some Chinese.

Tommy is in trouble. His involvement with Bodie Company is in the media and it doesn’t look good. On top of that, the body of the gambler was found in the development. Tommy tells Mike that he is getting hammered by the press. Mike offers him 20K to run an ad.

Mo had a problem with the Chinese running the place. He comes back later and shoots the manager. He gets Declan. Declan tries to manage the situation, but is faced with a locked room filled with scared to death whores.

Kath tells Eileen that the parking garage might have security cameras. Kath pulls a gun when she sees some strange guy smoking a cigarette in the car.

Tommy meets the guy from Bodie and tells him that they have to suspend construction for 12 months. He agrees and decides to do some damage control.

Declan gets a meet with Li Fang. The polite conversation doesn’t lead anywhere so Declan looses his temper and bashes the guy’s hand.

Kath makes a bodywork guy named Limpy repair the Geo for free. Kath and Eileen get stoned and bond. The next day, they go see Limpy. He’s painted the door the wrong color. Kath says that they have to dump the car now.

Freddie is pissed because of the delay in the construction. He goes to see Mike. He tells Mike that he will be taking 50% off the top of Mulligan’s until construction starts.

* * * * *

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