Lost S03E14 (ABC)

A view of the Lippo Center by a reflexion on a building with golden windows. Part of the Hong Kong Series.

So Mu mentioned that I should put spoilers a bit further down in the shows that I review and analyze, so that people who haven’t seen them and who are subscribed to my feed won’t have them in front of their eyes until they want to. I will do so by inserting an extra photo before the spoilers start.

Have fun!

This show of Lost was really good. It gives us a view of interesting characters that are either dead or no longer with the Losties. It is also not centered around the main characters, which is also different. We learn bits and pieces that aren’t that important by themselves, but add an interesting dimension to the whole.

Lippo Center in Hong Kong. I got some great pictures of the Lippo Center. I will most probably have enough good photos to make a sub-series of the Hong Kong Series.

The show starts with a blonde woman running through a forest and burying something. It then cuts to her on set as she wraps up her show.

She turns up in the present on the island. Her name is Nikki and she was one of the Losties. She is out of breath and interrupts Hurley and Sawyer in the midst of a ping-pong game. She drops dead.

In the past, she is having dinner with one of her benefactors Howie who mysteriously dies while eating his food. In fact she is a hustler and is working with the cook to get the old man’s money. They were looking for something specific. They poisoned him.

Her last words were “Paolo lies”.

In the past, they see Shannon and Boone, who both are dead in the present. They are whining about loosing their first class tickets.

The scene cuts to the aftermath of the crash of the Oceanic flight. Nikki is running around the wreckage. She hears Shannon screaming. Her first concern when finding Paolo is the bag containing the loot.

In the present, Hurley, Jin and Sawyer find Paolo dead in the jungle.

75 days ago, Paolo and Nikki are discussing the smoke monster that has been haunting the island. They talk with Ethan, who wants to help them out finding clothes. Ethan tells them that part of the plane split apart over the jungle, they might be able to look there.

We hear Jack’s first speech as a leader.

57 days ago, Nikki asks information to the junior high school teacher, Leslie. She is hustling hustling him for info on the whereabouts of their luggage. They find the other plane on the tree. They also find a hatch. They open it.

Sawyer finds a walkie-talkie in their belongings and he deduces that they were working for the Others.

48 days ago, Kate, Leslie are having an argument over the guns. Nikki and Paolo find the place where they found the guns. They say that the bag is worth 8 million dollars. Paolo finds the bag but doesn’t tell Nikki in the water.

32 days ago, Paolo is stealing taking some nicotine gum from his bag and burying the jewel. Locke tells him that things will not stay berried on this island because of the high tide and the season. Paolo goes into the hatch to find a safe place for it. They had found The Pearl Station and he puts the loot into the toilet.

We see Ben and Juliet talking about Jack. They are talking about Ben’s surgery. Juliet is not convinced that that he will do the surgery.

Juliet asks if they will nab Jack, Austin and Ford. Ben says that they need to come to them. He says that they will use Michael. Paolo witnessed all of this a month ago. He takes a walkie-talkie that they had left behind.

Hurley informs Desmond. Desmond says that he saw Nikki with Sawyer the same morning that she died. Charlie confesses that he kidnapped Sun to help Sawyer steel the guns.

9 Days go, Locke and a few others want to go the Pearl station and access the computer. Nikki is there as well with Paolo and he takes his loot back from the toilet.

Sawyer is confronted by Hurley. He tells them that Nikki wanted to go into the jungle with him. Sawyer shows them the diamonds that he found in the mound next to Paolo’s body.

12 hours ago, Nikki and Paolo have a conversation about their current situation. Nikki finds the nicotine gum. Nikki goes to confront Sawyer about a gun.

Sun confronts Sawyer about kidnapping her. Sawyer gets the diamonds back from Sun. Sawyer throws the diamonds over their corpses.

8 hours ago, Nikki and Paolo are in the jungle. Nikki confronts Paolo about the diamonds. She throws the teacher’s spider at Paolo and it paralyzes him for 8 hours. This means that he is about to be buried alive.

Paolo had his belt undone because he had the diamonds in his underwear. He tells her that he was afraid of loosing her; that is why he kept the diamonds from her.

Nikki hears a strange sound and Paolo sees a lot of spiders coming nearby. And Nikki gets bitten by another similar spider. She buries the diamond and runs to the beach, where she drops dead. She didn’t say Paolo lies, but I’m paralyzed.

They are burying the couple alive, without knowing it.

* * * * *

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