Battlestar Galactica S03E20 (SciFi)

CKS Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂), during the last day of the Lantern Festival. Part of the Lantern Festival Series.

This recap and analysis has spoilers. Do not read if you haven’t seen the finale of the 3rd season of Battlestar Galactica.

Sam, the Chief and Kernel Ty are hearing the same sort of ghostly melody around the ship. This has been going on since the last two episodes.

Lee Adama tells the lawyer and Baltar that their only chance is to declare a mistrial, but Baltar doesn’t want to hear about that because he will have to go through a trial again. He reads a passage from a law book that his grandfather wrote.

When getting a treatment for cancer, Laura Roslyn, Athena and Caprica Six all have the same vision. It involves being in the opera hall and seeing that Caprica Six protects and takes Hera with her. She seems to meet Baltar in this vision. They all meet and quickly discuss the situation. Caprica Six tells the others that she felt compelled to protect Hera from something.

When Kernel Ty tells the Admiral about the music he has been hearing, he looks like he is totally crazy.

The lawyer calls Lee Adama to the stand and he makes a passionate plea about the situation. The lawyer wanted Lee to testify that his dad had said that Baltar was scum and a traitor, and didn’t deserve a trial. But when Lee doesn’t do as the lawyer wants, he changes tactics and probes into the reasons why he thinks that Baltar isn’t guilty of his charges.

In his plea, Lee says that all of the crimes of the fleet were forgiven, including his in which 1000 civilians died when he shot at a vessel. Still, treason and murder was forgiven. Why were Baltar’s crimes so heinous? He was in an impossible situation. If he hadn’t surrendered, the cylons would have nuked New Caprica and that would have been the end of the human race.

Baltar is found not guilty, by a vote of 3 to 2. The Admiral didn’t vote for his guilt. He voted to for his innocence, of the charges. The Admiral tells the President that the defense made their case, the prosecution didn’t. We see that Lee and the Admiral seem to have forgiven themselves and that Lee will probably reinstated as a major when the season begins again.

Sam, the Chief, Kernel Ty and the President’s aide are four of the last five cylon models. They find themselves all in the same room, for no apparent reason.

The ship has jumped near the target nebula. Upon arrival, things start to get dicey.

While this happens, a massive energy surge goes through the fleet. When they restore power, they find an enormous cylon fleet getting ready to attack them. I saw at least 20 base ships launching cylon raiders.

Apollo goes out one more time into space, even if he hasn’t the right to do so anymore and finds a bogie near him in the nebula. He investigates and finds Kara in a fighter telling him that she has been to Earth and that she will bring everyone there.

* * * * *

The season ends without really any more information on the different situations. We knew that there were 5 other cylon models out there. The revelation that the Chief, Sam, the aide and Kernel Ty are four of those five models is surprising, but not improbable. What is actually more surprising is that Kara Thrace is back and alive. If she is alive, then she must be a cylon. She died in the gravity well of the gaseous planet and downloaded into a new body.

Or the gods are involved in some sort mystical way. It’s funny, because the only time that the gods were involved in some fashion was when the Chief was trying to decipher the messages and the puzzle at the Temple, right before it got destroyed by a supernova.

In the last scene, we see a zoom out of the Milky Way and a zoom in to Earth. It looks like the fleet is in another branch of the Milky Way, still tens of thousands of light years away from Earth.

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12 responses to “Battlestar Galactica S03E20 (SciFi)”

  1. Thoth Harris Avatar

    Where on earth are you seeing Battlestar Gallactica in Taiwan?

  2. Mu Avatar

    Can I recommend hiding the plot spoilers much further down? or using some kind of spoiler hiding javascript?

    It’s just that sites picking up your RSS are showing some of the spoilers quite clearly in the middle of other pages when they display this article.

    i.e. taiwanfeed amongst others.

  3. range Avatar

    Hmm, I will try a few different ideas on that, thanks for the suggestion. I know how hard it is to stop reading something when you want to keep the spoilers for when you watch the thing.

  4. range Avatar

    On the blog, I use the more tag to hide the spoilers, but I hadn’t thought about the feed readers.

  5. Thoth Harris Avatar

    Hmm, you didnt’ answer my question, range.

    Are you renting videos of the series at Blockbuster or something? Or is there some obscure cable package pacakge available over here?

  6. range Avatar

    You really want to know?

    Bit torrent files.

    I use a program called Azureus or utorrent to download torrent files from or

    Torrents are the quickest way to download files.

    I download all the shows that I watch. I don’t watch TV, I watch them on my computer in HDTV.

  7. range Avatar

    I got a sweet 22″ Viewsonic Widescreen LCD panel for my computer, so watching them on there is pretty nice.

  8. range Avatar

    It’s a nice way to keep in touch at what’s happening on TV. I like it a lot, since I don’t really have to sit down and reserve a time to watch something. I can just wait until I have a nice batch of episodes and just watch them in one shot.

    It’s what I normally do, though for 24 and Lost I watch them right away.

  9. range Avatar

    Right now, I’m sitting down to watch the last episode of House and maybe watch some 24 before going to bed. It’s been a long day of running around and I need to turn my brain off for a few hours before hitting the sack.

  10. Thoth Harris Avatar

    It seems like that’s the way everyone’s getting their fix of movies, shows, and music from back home. I get my music online. You could probably get all of the Smashing Pumpkins stuff that you’re talking about online.

    I love Lost, too. I am so hooked, it’s getting scary. It’s like I’m living in the story.

  11. range Avatar

    Yeah, I do to.

    I have the originals back home. I wrote this post when I first started listening the music I got off the torrents this week.

    Lost is wicked. I just watched this week’s episode and it was really good.

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