Weeds S03E11 (Showtime)

Things are not getting easier for Nancy. She has to deal with some PI, Celia and other new problems in her life. Her business is doing great. Doug is seriously pissed at the town council after he learns that his job has been forfeit. He regrets ever agreeing to merging with Majestic. He is able to rally the troups, but the new town laws of the new city aren’t helping him out.

Silas has trouble with Tara and Shane is helping out his mom. The best thing in this episode is more of Aguatecture! Nancy cuts all ties with Valerie, it’s about time!
This was another great episode of Weeds. Nancy’s life is getting more complicated. Now that Celia knows she is dealing again, Nancy knows that life will be hell. I love how Doug invented this crazy company named Aguatecture as a front for the grow-up. Aguatecture “makes” little fountains made to look like houses.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Celia continues to spy on Nancy and Sullivan. Nancy says that she is going to work for Aguatecture.

Tara comes by to drop off some money. Silas is jealous of Tara’s other boyfriend. Tara says that she is dating someone else.

Nancy goes to see Valerie. Nancy tries to drop off more money, but Valerie is still pissed off. Valerie goes to see a private investigator. She thinks that Nancy played Scott. She uses the money Nancy gave her as a retainer.

Doug is pissed to find out that he is off the city council because Agrestic is no more. Doug is pissed off by Carelli, the head of the new city council. They are told that their jobs and contracts are null and void. He calls her cankles and heckles her. The angry mob follows suit.

Celia wants to know more about Aguatecture. Doug tells her to mind her own business.

Silas wants to get rid of Tara. Nancy tells him to suck it up. She tells him that Tara is her top earner and that she will stay until he can earn as much as her without complaining. She says that as his boss. She then proceeds to tell him that she loves him.

Shane is putting on some surveillance equipment for Nancy. The PI is lurking around and taking pictures of the drug operation.

Celia goes to find Aguatecture. She comes to the grow-up and finds Helia. Celia wants to meet the owner. Celia wants to snoop around but Helia doesn’t let her. She makes Celia leave. She sees Conrad come out of the warehouse.

Shane tells her mom that the pool guy is checking them out. It’s the PI. Shane tells her that the same guy is out there again. She confronts him and he tells her that he is a PI. He wants to do business with her. He wants money in exchange for keeping quiet about the weed business. He wants 50K. He wants it tomorrow.

Celia wants to know about Aguatecture from Dean. She uses duct tape and tortures him a bit. It’s kind of funny. She squishes his broken and his balls before he starts to talk.

Nancy meets the PI. She is bugged and tells him at the end of their conversation about her mic. She tells him to drop everything. He still gets his 50K.

Nancy tells Valerie that the PI took her money and that she isn’t getting anymore. She tells Valerie that she is pissed off. She tells her not to call her.

As she heads home, she finds Conrad in her den. He tells her that Celia has been by at Aguatecture. Conrad tells her that he phoned Celia. She said that she knows that Nancy slept with Sullivan and that she is dealing again. She said that she will be in touch.

* * * * *

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