Rome S02E08 (HBO)

A view of the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興捷運站). Part of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

Caesar takes care of his marriage by taking the Livia, Nero’s wife.

Posco and Myceanus are going to take a share of the Herod’s gold. Gaia’s abortion by proxy on Ireni doesn’t work out as planned. She is dying.

Pollo and Verenus are both widowers now.

Verenus’ daughter has already betrayed him to Memnio and Herod’s gold will probably go missing soon.

Verenus is in terrible trouble; Lepedus, Caesar and Marc Anthony are all very angry.

Myceanus tells Caesar that his sister Octavia is committing adultery with Agrippa and Marc Anthony is continuing his affair with Attia. Caesar tells them that the women will be under guard at his home.

Maskios is interrogated by Pollo and Verenus. Verenus intercepts one of his children and takes their toy. They toy belongs to one of Memnio’s men. He finally understands what happened.

Verenus knows where the gold is and tells Marc Anthony. Verenus asks him to go to Egypt with him. Verenus leaves his children with Pollo.

Marc Anthony says goodbye to Attia and tells her that he will send for her.

Agrippa and Octavia are meeting again in secret in the Julillae house.

Titus Pollo takes charge of the Aventine Collegium and takes care of Caesar’s little problem by killing the other collegia involved.

* * * * *

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