Moonlight 12:04 AM S01E08 (CBS)

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show on TV. Angel was just a continuation of Buffy. Blade was an action show. Moonlight is somewhere in between. It’s gritty and romantic, which isn’t appalling. Unlike Angel and Forever Knight, Mick St-John isn’t that old of a vampire, so the flashbacks all take place in the 1950s to 1970s.

Alex O’Loughlin plays Mick St-John, a vampire private detective. He is a vampire who fully remembers what it meant to be human and longs to be human.

This episode is about a cult leader who returns from the dead to haunt the young woman who put him on death row. Mick has to go hunt. Beth discovers a few more things about Mick and their common past. She finally pieces together all of the pieces of the puzzle.

I liked this episode. It’s good that Beth finally found out what Mick had done to save her in the past. That doesn’t change the fact that Coraline is still alive. There is a lot of sexual tension between Beth and Mick. Will it lead somewhere? Is it possible for them to be together?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mick is performing some maintenance on his body. Vampires don’t mind bullets that much, but they will set off metal detectors. Beth reports on Sheppard, a cult killer who is about to be killed by lethal injection. He murdered six people. Audrey Pelle saw him do that. It was her testimony that sealed his fate. Beth is trying to comfort Pelle. Sheppard was unrepentant upon his death. He wants the people responsible for his fate killed. A lot of cultists are taking her picture. A manhunt is about to go on.

Beth gives shelter to Audrey. Audrey gets a call from Sheppard. He says the same things that he told her when he killed those people.

Beth brings Audrey to see Mick. She wants him to look into Sheppard’s ‘family’, the name that the cultists give themselves.

Beth has to leave Audrey for a little while. Mick investigates Sheppard. Someone is watching Audrey. Someone is in her apartment. Mick finds out that someone has posted Beth’s address online. Audrey finds the words ‘Scream my name’ on the bathroom mirror. Mick arrives in time to save Audrey. It’s some lookalike psycho, part of Sheppard’s family. The guy says that one of the biggest producers in town named Gerry Drake is planning a movie on Sheppard.

Drake purchased the rights for the bio pic from Sheppard. Drake used to know Sheppard in the 80s. Drake was responsible for posting the information on the website. Mick lifts an envelope from Train’s home.

They find the words ‘No Forgiveness’ written in blood on the wall of the DA. There is more blood everywhere. The DA is presumed dead. The cops find prints of Sheppard on the knife, but they assumed that it came from the initial crime.

Mick thinks that Sheppard might have become a vampire right before his execution. He goes to verify that Sheppard is dead. Mick finds the body of the DA in the place of Sheppard’s. Sheppard has risen from the dead.

Mick lets Audrey and Beth stay at his place. He gets ready to hunt Sheppard. Mick goes to see the surveillance footage of Sheppard. He finds out that the priest turned Sheppard.

Mick finds the priest who turned Sheppard. He did if for money, for 800000$ that Sheppard got for his script. It was supposedly put into the survivor’s fund. Instead it went into a Cayman Islands bank account in the priest’s name. The vamp says that Sheppard hates Drake.

Sheppard kills Drake. Mick finds Drake dead. Mick is confused by the smell of fresh blood in the air. Sheppard surprises him after he makes a phone call to Beth. Sheppard throws him over the railing.

Beth goes through some of Mick’s files and finds a file on herself. It’s filled with photos of her life.

Sheppard takes the phone and goes to Mick’s place. He tries to get to Audrey. He starts to fight with Beth. Mick arrives in time to save them. Sheppard is distracted by Audrey and Beth taking the elevator down. Mick decapitates him.

Beth asks Mick about their common past. Beth says that she isn’t angry. They kiss again, this time it’s little more than a peck on the cheek at sunrise.

* * * * *

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