The Hacker Series

The Hacker at his decks, looking onto the crowd. 


I have mentioned this The Hacker Series before, but I have never taken the time to post about it, expect a few pictures here and there. Here are now some of the best shots of the series, taken last June. They feature a DJ called The Hacker from Germany, who is well known in electro circles for his collaborations with Miss Kittin. All photos taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 5.1 MP camera, on the 22nd of June 2006 at a club called Dagobert in Quebec City Canada. The series has about 150 different photos.


A barmaid doing her thing.

A purple light crowd shot.

One of my friends striking a pose.

An interesting looking girl with a butterfly tattoo on her back dancing away.

Lights and darkness on the dancefloor.

A shot of the screens and the crowd.

An autoportrait taken in front of the mirrors next to the dancefloor. It looks like I am cradling something glowing, but that is only my camera.

Ambient red lights.

Red and turquoise lights permeate this club.

A girl dancing on the speakers early in the night.

Sortie is exit in French, because Quebec is the only French speaking state in all of America.

Different moods surrounding the Hacker.

A shot of his decks.

A few different crowd shots.

Incredible shots I took of an illuminated fountain right next to the club.






4 responses to “The Hacker Series”

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  2. K Avatar

    I’m glad that you’re OK and still can access the internet despite the slowness of inernet access all throughout Asia. It’s picking up now and I know when things like this, people will do something heaven and earth to fix the problem.

    Happy New Year to you and your wife.

  3. heather grant Avatar
    heather grant

    just stumbled onto your site when researching inspiration for my next tatoo. awesome pics hey. luminous…amazing.

  4. range Avatar

    Thanks! These are old photos, but I still like them.

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