Brotherhood Only A Pawn S02E07 (Showtime)

Tommy continues to be distracted by his mistress, but when he learns that the mayor is campaigning with his opponent, he knows that something is wrong. Tommy gets serious because he wants to remain in office. He uses hard tactics. His tactics are a bit harder than his opponents, but he was pushed and he wants to win.

Once again, the mayor gets what he wants. Even with a supermajority with the opposition, he manages to weasel in what he wants.

This was another excellent episode of Brotherhood. Tommy gets reelected and manages to scrape by enough votes. He used hard tactics, but all is fair in love and war. The Latin council wasn’t too happy, but they will bide their time. I liked how Eileen guessed who was Tommy’s mistress. She could tell by their non-verbal actions. She is surprised. But should she be? She spent months screwing other men and snorting coke.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Tommy is running his campaign. Moe gets some old folk together to go vote for Tommy.

Mike is meeting with the Italians. He is going to do a favor for them. He has to pick up an assassin who is in town to clip someone. Mike is the wheelman. Alphonse Nazoli says that friendship begins with baby steps.

Colin comes by to see Kat. She is getting an abortion.

The campaign is running in full swing. Jim Green-Keyes is running against Tommy. He’s got the full support of the mayor. Declan is buying votes with drinks.

The assassin is a rotund Caucasian who tells Michael that he has quite the reputation.

Eileen is manning the phones.

Rose tells Tommy about the flyer that she got from Jim Green-Keyes’ campaign. Tommy isn’t worried. He thinks that the mayor wants the Latino vote, so he is offering a symbolic show of support.

Colin is trying to talk Kat out of getting an abortion.

Alex gets a call from his old boyfriend. He tells Alex that he got data back from the exit polls. It’s looking bad for Tommy. Tommy is busy with his mistress. Of all days to take some time for sex, he had to do it today. Tommy is told by Alex and they go and check out the voting polls in the Latino district. They find a lot of people waiting in line.

The assassin goes through some stuff at his future victim’s place and sits down to read.

Jimmy is busy putting on knockers on doors. Another woman is coming up behind him and putting up knockers for the other candidate.

Tommy goes to see the Speaker about his problems. He needs the caging lists. The chairman has them.

Caging is a term of art in the direct mail industry, as well as a term applied to a technique of voter suppression. A caging list is a list or database of addresses, updated after a mailing program is completed, with notations on responses received from recipients, with corrections for addresses that mail has been returned undelivered from, or forwarded onward from.

He gets the list from the Speaker. He gives the caging list to his sister Katie. He wants her to challenge the residency of the people on the list. If she does this, the people who can’t defend themselves can only get a provisional ballot.

Mike finds the assassin masturbating in the future victim’s bedroom. The victim’s wife comes back and the assassin has to restrain her.

Tommy is meeting with the mayor. The mayor admits that the whole scheme was the governor’s idea, mostly. Tommy says that he’ll remember what the mayor did. The mayor agrees to help out Tommy in exchange of a few concessions.

Mike doesn’t want to kill the wife. He tries to talk to her. She’s seen his face and the assassin’s. He doesn’t get anywhere. The guy comes home and is killed. The wife is next. They leave.

Declan votes for Green-Keyes and meets Cassie at the polls. He lies about his vote. She says that she stopped eating. He says to give her parents his best.

The assassin says that he knows exactly what the mark did to piss Nazoli off, he just won’t tell Mike. Mike imagines that he kills him, but gets tipped instead.

Edgar, the guy from the Latin council, is pissed at the way Tommy used the caging lists. He tells him that it will be something else in two years. Alex tells Tommy that he won. Tommy won by 437 votes. The Speaker tells him jokingly that he will have to make nice with his Latino friends.

On the way home, they come across Dana. Eileen recognizes the flower on her breast as the one that she adjusted on Tommy the day before. She starts to laugh at the situation, in the obvious discomfort of Tommy and Dana.

* * * * *

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