Brotherhood Genesis 27:39 S01E07 (Showtime)

This is a quick update on this week’s Brotherhood show on Showtime.

After a cock-up with Giggs’ partner, an FBI agent is dead and Mikey helps cover it up for Giggs’ partner. Eileen takes up coke and like mother like daughter; Marie-Rose starts smoking pot. Mikey finds out and puts her straight.


Eileen is creating quite the habit, sniffing every few hours. And she almost kills the family’s new cat. Actually she abandons it because it’s hungry and the Caffee’s haven’t bought any food. The music is great in this episode. Tommy’s money problems are resolved after he makes a big sale. Tommy gets wind that something is up with his wife when the cops call him to tell that they picked her up at 2 AM lurking around in the woods without shoes.

* * * * *

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3 responses to “Brotherhood Genesis 27:39 S01E07 (Showtime)”

  1. Randy Campbell Avatar
    Randy Campbell

    Who is the arts that sangs the the closing music in Brotherhood. I would like to purchase some of her songs. She has a wouderful voice.

  2. jabalong Avatar

    Randy, it’s:

    Paul Westerberg – Let The Bad Times Roll

  3. cg Avatar

    It is Aimee Mann – That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart

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